Abundance Is Coming

Abundance Is Coming

You found a penny; did you pick it up? Because if you did, your luck is about to change. You’re about to enter a financially fruitful period in your life. Why? Because you’re sending the right vibes out into the Universe. You’re letting your Angels know that you’re ready to go for any opportunity they put on your path.

But what if you didn’t pick the penny up? Then there is a big chance that the Universe isn’t going to send you more money or abundance. Why? Because you’re not being grateful. In fact, you’re telling your Angels that you don’t appreciate the little gifts they are putting on your path. So why would they send bigger gifts?

Finding a penny is all about showing gratitude for what you are receiving from your Angels and the Universe. That’s why you need to make some changes. That penny you found was the first in a long list of opportunities to improve your financial wellbeing. But you won’t see those opportunities if you aren’t geared towards making the most of the little opportunities and signs your Angels are sending you.

Pick The Penny Up

You’re going to have to change your mindset now. You need to start making a real effort to take the opportunities that come your way, no matter how small they might seem. The more you take those small opportunities the more your Angels will see that you’re ready for bigger and better things.

The reason you still feel like you’re lacking financial security is because you aren’t grateful. You aren’t giving thanks for the little things the Universe and your Angels send your way. And as a result, you’re not seeing the opportunities your Angels are giving you to increase your financial abundance. It’s as if your eyes are closed to the good things on offer in your life.

This is when you should pick the penny up and realize that the little things the Universe is sending your way are the keys to the big financial gains and abundance, you’re after. You should be getting into the right frame of mind to seize all the small opportunities that are on their way to you. You shouldn’t be looking at the size of what’s on offer, you should be looking at where that small opportunity or gain will be able to take you over time.

Trust In Divine Timing

There’s a reason thing happen the way they do. And when you take those small opportunities as they arise, you’re stepping outside your comfort zone. You need to step outside your comfort zone and start trusting in Divine Timing if you want to really change your mindset.

Being able to attract financial abundance into your life is all about your mindset. If you aren’t willing to take a chance and show that you’re grateful for the little opportunities nothing is going to change for you. You’re going to stay stuck in the same pattern you’ve always followed. And look where that’s gotten you. So, start using this prayer to change the way your mind works:

Dear Angels

Thank you for the little signs of abundance you have been sending my way.

Give me the strength and courage to take the small opportunities that you have set up for me.

Guide me towards financial abundance and more.


Take A Chance

Your Angels didn’t drop that penny in your path for no good reason. It’s a sign that they want you to take more chances when it comes to creating more financial abundance for yourself. You need to take those chances and follow those opportunities no matter how small they may look in the beginning.

The more you take a chance the more you’re showing your Angels that you’re worth investing in. So, the more abundance they’ll send your way. But if you don’t show them that you’re grateful for even the smallest gifts they send you they won’t invest in you.

That’s why it’s so important to take a chance and start investing your own time and energy into creating more abundance for yourself. You are the one that’s got to take those little opportunities and show the Universe that you’re ready to get more and more out of life.