Messages from the Other Side

Messages from the Other Side

Sometimes the penny you find somewhere unexpected is a sign that someone that has passed away has a special message for you. And that’s exactly what the penny you found means. But what message does your loved one have for you? Here are the 8 things you can do to get the message your loved one has for you:

1- Prayer and Meditation

One way to connect to a deceased loved one is through prayer and meditation. Quieting your mind and body can help the messages from the other side reach you. Why? Because that’s when you open your mind. So, your loved one can speak to you.

If you’re connected to the spiritual side, you can also ask your spirit guide to help you find your loved one and get the message that they want to send to you.

2- Do Something They Used to Love

When you do something, they used to love doing, like watching their favorite movie or eating their favorite meal you might get the sudden feeling that they are sending you a message through the thing that you’re doing. That’s because you’re connecting to something that was close to them and they can contact you more easily through the experience.

3- Celebrate Special Days

When you commemorate the special days like your lost loved one’s birthday, you’re opening up a channel between you and them. Your memory serves as a reminder of what they were like and that can help open up your mind to the messages that your loved one has for you.

4- Talk About Them

By sharing your memories of your loved one you can also activate the part of your brain that is receptive to messages from them. You might remember something they said or did very strongly and that could be the hidden message your loved one has for you.

5- Visit One of Their Favorite Spots

When you go to visit one of the places your loved one loved to visit while they were alive, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of seeing the world through their eyes. This makes it easier for them to communicate with you. You might even see another sign like a rainbow or butterfly that is an extra message that your loved one is there watching over you.

6- Talk to Them

By talking to your loved one as if they are there you open up the channels of communication between the spirit world and the real world. This makes it easier for them to send you messages, especially through your dreams.

7- Wear Some of Their Clothes

Some people believe that the spirit of a loved one lives on through their possessions. So, by wearing some of your deceased loved one’s clothes you become closer to them. The closer you are to them the easier it will be for them to get the message they have for you through to you.

8- Write A Journal

Not only is writing a journal a cathartic release that can help you process grief, but it also works to connect to your deceased loved one. You should write down anything you wish you could’ve told them while they were still alive. You’ll be surprised at the thoughts and feelings that they send you once you do this simple exercise.