A Message From Someone That Passed

A Message From Someone That Passed

When you find a feather in your path it can mean that someone from the other side is trying to contact you. They are trying to get hold of you to send you a very important message. You need to listen up and take care to follow their instructions if you want to make the most of this message from someone that you used to know.

When we pass over to the other side when we die, we can still contact the people on earth and that’s exactly what is happening for you now. Someone that has passed away is trying to get hold of you and they have a very important message to share with you. Do you know what that message is?

Obviously, you don’t otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Here’s what your deceased loved one wants you to know:

Your Life Is About to Change

When a loved one sends you a message from the other side in the form of a feather it means that things are about to change for you in a very big way. You might get a new job opportunity, the opportunity to travel, a new relationship might be on the horizon or you may even move to a new home.

Whatever it is that your heart most desires is possible right now. They can see what it is that you want and they’re working from the spirit realm to help you achieve your goals. They’re making things fall into place so that you can get exactly what you want. And that’s a big deal, because doing that level of work from the spirit realm isn’t easy.

So that means you need to take the time to figure out exactly what it is that they’re helping you with. If you don’t, you’re going to be letting them down and that’s going to mean that they aren’t going to help you in the future. It all rides on you right now. Are you ready for the challenge?

What your heart desires most

What is it that you want out of life? Do you want a new car, a better job, a perfect love life, or maybe just a few good friends? That’s the question your loved one is busy asking you right now. They want you to figure out what it is that you really truly want out of life. They don’t want you to figure out what it is that you think you want.

That’s right, it’s all about you right now. It’s not about saving face or looking cool. It’s about what makes your heart beat faster. What is it that you want? Who cares about what Sally down the street thinks about your car if you aren’t happy about the state of your marriage?!

You need to dig deep and look at what you feel your life is lacking most right now. What’s the one thing you’d change if you could change anything? Because that’s the desire you should take to your loved one and ask their help with. In fact, that’s the desire they’re already helping you achieve.


They know what you need. People that have crossed over can see your life for what it really is. And that’s the big challenge you have to face right now. You need to get used to the idea that they already know what you really need in your life. So, you need to be 100% honest with yourself about what it is that you should be going after.

You can’t go after something superficial right now. You’re being challenged to dig deep and seek out the one thing that you want most in this world. Because if you let this opportunity slip you by you’re going to miss out on the best thing that’s ever happened to you. And of course, you won’t get this kind of help again.

So, the message from your loved one is this:

Be brave. Dare to do what you want to happen most in this world. Things have been set up for you in the spirit world. You just need to take that leap of faith and trust that things will work out for the best.