A Sign Of Loss

A Sign Of Loss

When you find a feather like you did it can be a sign that someone or something in your life is about to pass away. That’s never a nice thing to have to go through, but at least you’ve been prepared for the somber news.

On the plus side the feather is a symbol of peace and angelic guidance. In other words the person that is passing over is doing so at the right time. Or if you’re saying goodbye to a certain relationship, job or other situation it’s a good thing that it’s exiting your life. If it’s a person they’re ready to go. They have fulfilled their mission on this planet and it’s time for them to say goodbye. If it’s a situation it’s served its purpose in your life.

But that doesn’t make dealing with the grief of losing someone or something any easier. That’s why the universe wants you to remember the five stages of grief. And more importantly what you should be doing in each stage.


The first stage of getting over a loss in your life is denial. During this stage you’re going to wish it wasn’t so. Things are going to feel strange. You aren’t going to accept that what has happened has happened at all.

During the first phase of loss it’s a good idea to keep reminding yourself that you have lost something. You need to constantly keep on saying that you’re no longer in the situation you were before. You need to accept that it has happened so that you can start planning what to do next,


After you accept that you have lost something or someone you’re going to get very angry. You’re going to wish it wasn’t that way and that you could do something to change it. But you can’t.

During this phase of loss it’s very important to remember not to take your anger out on other people. You need to find healthy ways to deal with your anger so that you can get it all out. You need to feel your anger right now. You can’t bottle it up otherwise you’ll never accept your loss.


The middle of the grief cycle is marked by bargaining. When you reach this stage you’re going to try to do whatever it takes to bring you back to the same situation you were in before.

But what happened needed to happen. You can’t expect to go back to things the way they were before. So while you might be ready to do whatever it takes to get that old job or relationship back you need to realize that it’s better to move on with your life instead of trying to have things the way they were.


When you realize that the past needs to stay in the past you’re going to get depressed. You aren’t going to have enough energy to get everything done that you want to get done. And sitting on the couch eating snacks is going to be basically the only thing you want to do.

And that’s okay. Losing someone or something in your life is a big deal. You need to be patient with yourself. You need to allow yourself to cry and grieve in whatever way you do it. Because that’s how you move on to the final stage of the grieving process.


The final stage of the grieving process is where you learn to accept what’s happened. It’s still going to hurt. You might still get angry about what happened from time to time. But this is the stage where things start to make sense. This is where you’re going to find some kind of meaning in your loss.