A Sign Of Peace

 A Sign Of Peace

Peace and prosperity are on their way to you. That’s why you found that feather. It’s no coincidence that you picked it up and kept it. It’s a very concrete sign that you can expect good things to come your way. You’ve got a lot of potential to spread peace to others too now.

With this feather that you found the universe is telling you that you have a mission. You need to help bring peace to others. And the more peace you bring to others the more successful you will be in your own life. The universe wants to reward you for your efforts. But that means you need to start putting in some effort.

What kind of effort do you need to put in? Well, you’ve been blessed with the ability to make people happier and more peaceful. That means you can help them to find peace within themselves as well as peace with other people. You’re super good at mending fences now too.

Finding Peace Within

Before you can help other people find peace you need to be peaceful within yourself. But what does that entail?

It basically just means that you need to be happy with who you are as a person. You need to accept yourself, flaws and all. Are you happy with who you are? Or are there some things you still need to work on to be more at peace? If there are things you need to work on here is a word of advice.

Inner peace comes from being authentic. Right now the universe is telling you to be who you are. Be the unapologetic person that you’ve been hiding. That’s where inner peace comes from. That’s how you can stop being at war with yourself. It’s how you calm your mind and use the peace the universe is bringing your way.

Helping Others Find Peace

Once you’ve mastered the art of finding inner peace for yourself you’re going to find that you’re naturally drawn to helping others find their own inner peace. That’s the first way you can get your good karma rolling. And once your good karma meter starts filling up the universe is going to start blessing you. Just you wait and see.

But how do you help other people find inner peace? Part of it is being yourself around them. You can show them how to live a peaceful life by just being yourself. If you’re peaceful on the inside that energy is going to spread out in all your interactions. So don’t be afraid to show your authentic side.

You can also help others find inner peace by having deep, meaningful discussions with them. Talking to someone about the things they’re going through and experiencing can help them to process their experiences. It’s like a therapy session. It helps to lighten the load. Share your own experiences of inner peace with them and you’ll see how quickly they take a sigh of relief that they’re not alone.

Mending Burned Bridges

Now is an excellent time to mend some burned bridges too. With the peaceful energy the universe is sending your way you’ll be able to rekindle old friendships and even make peace with your enemies. This is the second way to fill up your good karma meter.

The more you make peace with the people that have wronged you in the past the more you’ll be letting go of the bad vibes that are still active in your subconscious. Having a fight with someone is a kind of trauma. And it’s good to heal that trauma if you want to move on with your life. And the best way to heal that trauma is by apologizing.

Of course, you don’t have to become friends with that person again. Inner peace doesn’t require you to make up and be friends. It requires you to forgive and move on. So even if you don’t want to be friends with that person again you should still muster up the courage to say sorry. Don’t expect an apology in return though. This is about cleaning your side of the slate.

Once you’ve cultivated inner peace and increased your good karma by helping others find inner peace and mending a few burned bridges you’re going to find that prosperity flows to you as if by magic. So don’t let this sign from the universe go to waste!