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The Best Lucky Symbols to Have

The Best Lucky Symbols to Havediv image

Good luck charms. Everybody wants one. From the amulet of the Archipelago to the four-leaf clover of Ireland, there is something for everyone. Different races, different cultures, and different places have their lucky symbols. Some came from their history, some from legend, some from superstition, and others from religion.

From all walks of life—from generation to generation, from business owners to individuals—people use lucky symbols to invite prosperity and abundance into their lives.

And now, these lucky symbols can be found everywhere, collected by all believers, and recognized as a tool for attracting more abundance and wealth. Like, scarab beetles, ladybug landing, lucky bamboo, and feng shui.

So, if you don’t have a lucky charm, start looking for one. Conduct research to determine the best symbol of luck for you. If you want to attract more money, Money Frog is for you. Rose quartz is an excellent choice to represent love. And the acorn is good for your health. And some others, like lucky numbers, lucky pennies, oak trees, and other symbols that you find lucky.

The most popular good luck symbol to have

Four-leaf of Ireland
The four clovers stand for hope, faith, love, and luck. It was discovered a thousand years ago in Ireland, and as time passed, they called it the “luck of the Irish.” How lucky is this symbol? This leaf is rare. It's 2 in 10,000. And, according to Irish legend, anyone who finds a four-leaf clover is fated to good fortune.

Some also believe that a four-leaf clover can help you see fairies, ward off evil spirits, and bring good luck. So, if you're looking for hope, faith, love, and, of course, luck. Then this is the best option for you. It includes a complete set for attracting good fortune, four lucky charms in one.

Lucky Frog Amulet of Japan
In Asia, this lucky charm is well-known. It's a small amulet that you can take with you anywhere. It is known as kereru in Japan, which means "to return." It is an amulet that brings luck for money and travel.

And it is associated with things/people returning to their origins. If you are constantly traveling, this amulet can ensure a safe return. If you are gambling, it will also ensure that your money returns to your wallet. Because it is so tiny, you can take it with you anywhere.

Acorn of England
It is a well-known amulet in Italy. It is to ward off evil spirits. In Italy, nursing mothers and pregnant women wear it. It is commonly known as the Italian Horn. And in Italy, they believe that evil spirits can affect marriage and relationships too. So, it is worn to keep a marriage happy.

It is also known as the fruit of the oak. This lucky symbol is associated with health issues due to its connection with powerful mages and witches. So, if you want to be healthy, keep it with you. But if you are already sick. You can have it too, for you to recover faster.

Cornicello of Italy
In England, before it becomes a lucky symbol. It is a tool used by witches to communicate and identify one another. When passing in the woods, they hand it to each other to know who is with them and to ensure their safety.

This amulet is helpful if you are pregnant, a nursing mother, or have a complicated marriage. It will bring you lucky energy to ward off those evil spirits that cause a problem in your life. If you are pregnant, it helps to protect you and your baby from the evil eye. Same with the nursing mother. And if you have an unpleasant marriage, it will bring you happiness. So always wear one.

Dream Catcher of United States
This Ojibwa legend is from the native of America. A spider-woman called Asibikaashi is a caretaker of children. This tradition inspired the creation of the dream catcher. According to legend, when the sun rises, the bad dreams trapped in the dream catcher dissolve because they cannot survive daylight.

So, if you have recurring nightmares, this is the best option. Hang it above your bed. And when you go to sleep. Put your head under the dream catcher. Then the dream catcher will trap all your nightmares. The trap nightmares will dissolve. And will bring you good luck, and good dreams will flow freely.

Elephant of Thailand
The elephant is the national animal of Thailand. It is a symbol of good fortune. Many locals believe that even their images can bring good luck. So, hanging it in your home and office will attract more positive energy of luck.

Business owners in Asia frequently use it. They placed it in front of their place of business. Others used it as decoration as well. They plaster pictures of it all over the place to attract more good fortune and increase sales.

Horse Shoe of United States
Although the origin of this good luck symbol is unknown, it has been providing good mojo for over a century. It became a symbol of luck when St. Dustan, patron of the Catholic, used great force to shoe the Devil's cloven hoof, and the devil cried out in agony.

As time passed, many believers of this lucky symbol began to hang a horseshoe on their doors to ward off evil spirits. So, if you want to bring good fortune and home protection, mount one at your front door too.

Maneki Neko of Japan
It originated in Japan. Its literal meaning is invitation cat. It is rooted in their folklore and legend, but because different stories emerge, it is difficult to pinpoint where it began. But the story involves a restaurant or a temple whose owners take good care of a neglected cat. After being loved and cared for, the cat sits in front of the store, waving at passers-by. Enticing and attracting the customers to come inside. Thus, the owner receives luck and prosperity in exchange for his generosity.

Nowadays, many business owners purchase this lucky symbol. It is a figurine cat. It has different colors too. They put it in their shop as a decoration to attract customers and good business.