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Do You Beleive in Astrology or is it a Hoax?

Do You Beleive in Astrology or is it a Hoax? div image

Astrology has been here for centuries. Many people believe, but many also say it’s a hoax. And if we are going to base it on this era. Astrology suddenly became famous in 2020, exploding like an epidemic that swept around the globe.

In times of uncertainty, it is human nature to turn to a higher power to seek comfort. When the epidemic hit, many individuals turned to mysticism. One of these beliefs is astrological predictions. Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to predict information, personality traits, and possible future events using celestial bodies as its basis.

Astrology in the Social Media

As you may have seen, astrology does not regard time. In the era of the internet, it does build a name for itself. It has gained popularity. Many seek astrology readings and advice on relationships, jobs, and enterprises.

Despite technological advancement, Astrology finds its way to being on par with the smartphone era. It perfectly suited the internet age. They can now be easily accessible through social media and online applications. It is only one tap away from your cellular phone. And many Gen-Z and millennials believe in astrology, especially in finding comfort in difficult times, notably during the peak season of the coronavirus epidemic.

Astrology In Science

Scientifically, astrology is not acknowledged as an exact science by the scientific community, although it has existed since ancient times. They say that there is no sufficient evidence to support the claim. But, before, ancient astrologers were scientists who studied the correlation of celestial bodies to our lives. Until such time that zodiac signs and horoscopes are invented.

When you browse and examine our zodiac sign, you will learn that almost everything published about you is correct. As a result, your chances of believing in it increase. Though, there is no statistical significance that a person's zodiac sign accurately defines personality. But still, we find a way to read about our horoscope and compare it to the real world.

And we are so eager to look at the astrology column and interested to know what our horoscope will talk about us for the day. Even we sometimes don’t believe in it. We still get a bit of advice that we can use in our daily life.

Astrology in Christianity

The Bible forbids this practice in Christianity. Because using this tool as divination equipment is considered a sin since it is similar to idolatry. Though many individuals still engage in it, they are not total believers but still practice some of it.

The churches nowadays are not enough to satiate the spiritual needs of today's generation. To be honest, most religious people nowadays are hypocritical and judgmental. Their advice isn’t the typical value of a religious person. Furthermore, their acts and thinking contradict their religious beliefs.

As a result of this phenomenon, young people are turning to other forms of spiritual growth. And currently, millennials and so-called Generation Z engage in various spiritual activities to nourish their spirits. As a result, professional astrologers and astrology memes have amassed many social media followers in the internet world.

Astrology as New Age Movement

The new age movement combines modern science, spirituality, paganism, Buddhism, psychology, religion, and other spiritual beliefs. One of these new-age practices is astrology. Some religious and non-religious individuals believe in it because it is fascinating and gives people hope that there is more to spirituality than religion. In astrology, they called it the Age of Aquarius. It is a belief that the power of the mind can achieve through spiritual awakening.

Throughout the changing times, astrology now offers spiritual insights, personality analysis, and affirmations to provide spiritual transformation to everyone. The zodiac signs are now widely used to give daily positive claims based on the different types of Zodiacs.

And with the fast phase of time, what astrologers, researchers, and psychologists will soon discover about modern astrology? Especially in this new age movement is believed to be the beginning of new love and light through individual spiritual change and healing.

Astrology and You

Astrology nowadays is one of the tools used to seek advice for young people. They use natal astrology in their everyday life to reflect on themselves and prepare for possible future events. They also use zodiac signs to know more about themselves and other people's individual differences and behavioral patterns.

There's a lot to learn about astrology regarding ourselves. It describes our behavioral patterns, beliefs, personality descriptions, and actions. It can also predict the future. And give an idea about other people's personalities.

How about you? Are you a believer? Or a mix-believer? Anyway, It doesn't matter if you are a believer or not. Because general population is into Astrology too, because if you ask about their zodiac signs, they know it, and if you know your western astrology and Chinese zodiac signs, then you can be a believer or a mix-believer of it too.

Bottom Line

Although astrology is not an exact science, you can tell if the facts written about you are correct. So, the decision to believe in it is yours. Whether you believe it or not, astrology will continue to nurture throughout the changing times.

They are always accessible on the internet to provide you with guidance. Some written in the horoscope column in your daily newspapers and magazines it is now available everywhere, even on social media. It is now widely used as a helping tool to discern other people's personalities, foretell the future, and provide guidance about relationships, careers, and business. Modern astrology now becomes a part of people's lives. It continuously contributes information on a person's life.

Your natal chart, zodiac sign, and horoscope are always there to give you guidance in your everyday life. These are all tools you can use to discern right and wrong decisions in your daily life. It helps you choose the right path to take.

Whether you believe in the heavenly bodies or not. You can use the guidance given by this tool. Use it to your advantage. Be wise and intelligent in using it to create the future you want. I am not encouraging you to believe in it, but I am encouraging you to use it to your advantage, not to predict your future but to create the best future for you. Use the information provided to you about your possible future and create the future you want.