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Do’s and Don'ts of Tarot Reading

Do’s and Don'ts of Tarot Readingdiv image

Tarot cards have 78 cards, and one of each card has its own story, images, and symbolism. They used it as a playing card to pass the time in the 18th century.

Tarot cards are classified into two types. These are the Major and Minor Arcana. The minor arcana contains 56 cards, whereas the Major arcana contains 22 cards.

It is now used as a divination tool to foretell what will happen to people in the future. However, this is quite difficult to use. Why? Because you need to remember the cards' meanings of every deck. Where, Major arcana gives spiritual lessons in life, and Minor arcana reflects the trials and tribulations we face in our journey.

But do you know that you can use this tool to help you in your decision-making? Yes, you can use this tool to get divine guidance. Divine guidance can help you to prevent unpleasant events from happening.

Nowadays, tarot reading is also helpful in manifesting your goals. So, use it with your manifestation. And as you begin your journey to mastering this divination tool, here are some things you should remember as a tarot reader.

Do’s and Don'ts of Tarot Reading

What is a tarot reading?
Tarot reading is a practice of giving insight into people about their past, present, and future. This tarot card gives you insightful wisdom and conveys and visualizes the images that will happen to you. So, use them to your advantage.
A Tarot card is like a storybook of our life, whereas the 78-tarot deck contains spiritual lessons. So, the card helps us tap our inner wisdom. The spiritual messages in the card foretell us what to do. These messages are divine guidance to prepare us for the right choices in our life.

The Don'ts

Don’t let the client abuse your energy.
In doing your reading, don’t let your client sap your energy. Let them know that there is a limitation of queries to ask. Because sometimes there is a querent who will take you for granted. And will asks everything they want to know. Then your session will take longer. It causes your energy to sap dry, and you will not do a reading for the next hour.

Do not interfere in the lives of others without their consent.
Always maintain a professional demeanor. Tarot should not be used to find out gossip. Be sensitive and always respect other people's privacy, especially when they are in pain. Don’t use it to your advantage to meddle in someone's life. Don’t make gossip out of it. Keep it between you and your querent. Always practice professionalism.

When you are not mentally and emotionally stable, do not read.
As the tarot reader, you are the primary tool in conducting a reading. You should be physically and emotionally fit because your tarot reading is affected if you are not feeling well. So, if you are sick, it's better not to do tarot reading, tell your querents to go back when you are ready.

The Do’s of Tarot Reading

Set a time limit for your tarot reading session.
Inform your querent that you have a time limit for every session so that it will not last any longer.
Avoid questions about topics in which you are not an expert. Always be truthful about what you can only read. So, avoid questions about death, pregnancy, the law, and medicine.
Before performing tarot reading, you should familiarize the meanings of all the tarot decks. It is one of the first things you should do before doing anything else. And, for you to have an accurate tarot reading.

Be creative and experiment with various tarot spreads.
Make different tarot spreads because knowing more about tarot mending will give you more opportunities to interact with the card by using your intuition for a more accurate reading.
Don’t rely upon one tarot spread. Instead, think of more possibilities to shuffle your cards. Do different spreads, experiment on various shuffles, and feel the connection between you and the tarot.

Do’s and Don'ts as querent.

Respect your reader's Limitations
Consider your reader's limitations. Expect that there are questions that he can’t give you exact answers to. Don't sap their energy by asking too many questions. Use a specific query to get a more accurate reading. You should respect their boundaries and don't take them for granted. And, remember that you are not the only querent. There are a lot of you waiting for him to do a reading.

Find a reader who shares your enthusiasm.
Finding a reader who matches your energy level is ideal. Because your aura, his energy, and the aura of the card will resonate with each other. And giving you greater accuracy in your fortune reading. So, find someone with whom you feel a strong connection.

Expect anything in return.
A tarot card reading is not free. Though some tarot readers offer free reading if they are a beginner, it is still polite to ask if there's a need for payment. Keep in mind that many of them are doing it for a living. Don’t just go to them and ask for free advice, do expect that it has a price involved too.

Don't ask closed-ended questions.
Don’t ask questions. Like, what will happen tomorrow? Where are we going to meet? What is the color of her clothes? Don’t ask your reader this kind of query because it’s close-ended. The reader and the card can’t give you an exact answer to this kind of query. So always ask a question that is answerable by the tarot card.

Don't expect everything to resonate.
Don't expect everything in a tarot reading to resonate with you. Remember that not everything that happens in your life is good. There are always unpleasant fortuitous events too.
If you disagree with the result you received, do not ignore it. Treat it as advice. And make a plan in advance to avoid unpleasant events in the future.