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The Spiritual Secret of Manifestation

The Spiritual Secret of Manifestation div image

You have been devastated and have done everything but with no brilliant outcome.

Manifestation is the answer. So come and let's find out the secret of manifestation and how it can help you and your life to attract the good karma, luckiness, health, and fortune you desire.

It is not a new concept; people have been practicing it for a thousand years. However, during the pandemic over the past few years, the word manifestation has revolved around the online world, especially in the social media platform, which has become trending. That is a good sign that manifestation works.

But first, what is manifesting?

Spiritual Manifestation is the art of communicating with the positive source energy of the universe, using your mind power with the help of your spiritual energy. Or a method to be used to attract and let the good karmic energy of the world within you and use it to manifest it for you to achieve your aspiration.

In layperson's terms, it is a spiritual practice and belief in what you want to happen in your life.

The Secret

The Source
It is the source of everything in the earth, the atmosphere, and the universe. It has been a long period of debate for almost all scientists, geniuses, and inventors all over the world. But one thing is for sure: even a much-known scientist said that before his death, he believed and claimed that there was an entity that created and invented everything on earth, and for him, he called it the omnipotent entity he could not describe.

So, it would be best if you are a believer of this source, too, to perfect the art of manifestation. Hence, if you are already a believer in astrology, numerology, witchcraft, psychics, fortune teller, healer, and alike, you have a perfect chance to practice and start manifesting.

As they said, everything has a source and manifestation. As a result, it is assumed that its origin is related to the realm or vibration of the earth's atmosphere, which releases good karmic energy. Furthermore, if you still don't believe it, I am telling you that even physics, biology, and sciences have produced convincing evidence that we live in unified energy.

So, tapping into it using your mind's power to create your perfect present will give you more chances to attract this energy into your life. And the most important secret is to believe it and manifest your goals.

Believe it, and it will happen!

Positive Thinking or The Power of the Mind
One of the most crucial factors you should consider in mastering the art of manifestation. As the first law of attraction states' Likes Attracts Like". So, to attract it, you should be a positive thinker to manifest good karmic energy into your life.

Furthermore, you should control the power of your subconscious and think of very positive thoughts and connect them to the source of this energy, then manifest them in your life, like everybody else who wants to attract wealth, health, love, and luck.

So having a solid feeling and a gut feeling about the power of your subconscious in connecting it to the source of good karmic energy is essential. This will give you a more effective manifestation in creating your current reality as perfect as possible or known as the third law of attraction "The Present is always Perfect."

It will be an easy feat for you to do if you are already practicing meditation, especially in connecting your subconscious to the realm of the unknown and known powers around the universe.

The Spiritual Being
The Spiritual Being I am talking about here is yourself, your spirit. You have to tap this spiritual soul and use it to connect this power to the energy source. However, it is best not to force the energy in you but instead let it flow freely. Feel it like a river flowing into your soul, energy, mind, and body. But make sure that it is overflowing within you and aligned with the positive energy emitted by the source.

One of the essential secrets to mastering manifestations is yourself. Yes! You heard me right yourself. You have to have the proper discipline, the feeling, the gut, and the belief that manifestation is real.

You have to believe and know it by heart and soul. Especially in accepting the source of energy. Your discipline in doing the meditation, the gut feeling in connecting with the overflowing vibration, and most of all in believing the only thing you most wanted to manifest in your life, but always remember that you also need a positive thought to attract everything.

Your Goal
What is your goal? What do you want to manifest? Your goal should be as straightforward as possible to attract it. Like, if you want a car. But don't just say a car; instead, say that you wanted a red Hyundai car. So, the more specific the goal is, the more the manifestation is to be effective.

For example, if you wish to have a car. But if you are a poor beggar, how could that desire become a reality if you do nothing? So, the crucial part is your action; because it is the answer. But to do so, the beggar should first think of his specific goal to manifest it.

To have a car, he must first manifest that he wants to be rich. And there are two solutions for him. First, it is to win a jackpot lottery, and second, it is to look for a decent job for him to buy a car.

In this example, remember that your goal should always be specific so that you will have a smooth time waiting for your manifestation to become a reality.

Your action
Your action plays a crucial role in practicing manifestations. Because it serves as the main interlink between the spiritual realm and reality, it is the main ingredient in fulfilling your goal.

Like the example mentioned above, the beggar had to take action for him to fulfill his manifestation.

Always take action so the interlink will not be slit and your manifestation will not fail you.

In action, you should remember the third law of attraction "Nature abhors a vacuum." So, remove the negative things in your life and make space for more positive things and thoughts.

The Law of Attraction
All of us know the law of attraction. And I want you to understand that manifestation comes hand-in-hand with the law of attraction. Thus, this law is one of the crucial tools to consider to unlock the art of manifestation.

Manifestation is a spiritual belief that positive and negative thoughts attract positive and negative experiences into a person's existence. And also, be careful in practicing this skill so that you will not attract negative energy. Always be positive whatever the circumstances you will encounter in the future.

And now, the strange secret I am talking about is no longer a secret, and there is nothing odd about it anymore.

In other words, the secret of the art of manifestation is for you to control the flow of this spiritual attraction, connect it to your brain waves then interlink it to the source of energy for you to have a perfect manifestation. But, first, you must be a "positive thinker without a doubt in your heart, body, mind, and soul to achieve, manifest, and use its full potential.

Furthermore, remember that the three laws of attraction come hand-in-hand with spiritual manifestation. Therefore, the more specific your goal is, the more it is to become a reality.

And, the stronger the feeling is, the stronger the vibration is, the more potent the manifestation of the law of attraction, the more precise the goal is, and the more positiveness of the state of mind and the confidence that you feel that, it would happen and become a reality. So, with this in mind, your manifestation will be effectively perfect.