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What is The Purpose of Our Dream

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The dream is one of the mysteries of the human experience. A magical situation that is so hard to fathom. Our mind creates visual imagery and stories while we sleep. Our dream imagery may be entertaining, romantic, terrifying, distressing, repetitive, and odd.

If you believe in magical ideas, dreams are not just dreams. These are warning signs, visions, omens, messages from guardian angels, or messages from the dead that we always ignore because we don't have the right wisdom to define their meaning in the real world.

Even scientific studies can’t answer the facts about our dreams. But if we use magical thinking to define this phenomenon, it can provide us with numerous explanations. As the saying goes, if science cannot give you an answer, religion can provide numerous reasons.

So, magical belief may teach science something. Even if you think it's bullshit! But why not? Who knows, science can learn a lot from pseudoscience.

The Purpose

For thousands of years, people have pondered on dreams. And it remained a mystery until today. However, technological breakthroughs have only lately enabled researchers to analyze brain activity in ways that may help us learn more about the dreaming brain.

Dreams Reflect Our Lives

Study shows that the average person dreams four to seven times per night. And can spend about 90 minutes dreaming each night. And most of the time, dreams last only 2 - 3 seconds. That’s why others don't even remember their dream content.

And if you dream of scenes about you struggling, flying, crying, having fun, and making a fight. It shows us things about our present and talks about our emotional and vivid experiences. These are emotional memories of our life. And most of all, it helps us understand our feelings, values, and beliefs. It does reflect our lives and then helps manifest content.

People who seek to define the meaning of their dreams should consider what each component of the scenario means to them as a person. And start having a dream diary too.

Dreams Prepare Us

Dream research observed that when we dream of frequent nightmares, these pieces of experience build unique scenarios predicting future events. So, if you dream of an accident, you best believe it. It can be a warning given by your guardian angel too.

Those bad dreams help us prepare for the circumstances that can happen in the future. It warns us of possible future threats. The dream use fragments of past and present experiences in creating a story. That story can be viewed as real-life training for our future reactions, perhaps preparing us to meet real-life threats.

Dreams Protect Us

Dreams are an enduring source of the mystery of human affairs. They are not easy to study in the laboratory by nature. And almost all of us ask these difficult questions. What do they mean? Why do we dream?

Hence, one theory shows that it prepares us for possible threats. We can assume that our dreams also keep us safe from harm.

When our dreams warn us, we may assume it is trying to protect us by telling us stories through our sleeping brains.

Help Us Process Emotion

If you dream of yourself crying. Your unconscious mind is helping you re-process those emotional memories to cope with them and alleviate them.

Some people are lucid dreaming and crying because one of their loved ones is telling them goodbye messages that feel like in real life. When they are suddenly waking, their eyes are overflowing with tears. Then after a while, they will receive news about the death of a relative. Because they sobbed beforehand, they have no more tears to shed when they receive the information.

It shows that rem sleep helps us process such emotions and gives us comfort and new ideas about our future scenarios. It provides us with a sense of calm and acceptance ahead of time.

o it helps us really in emotional processing and memory consolidation. Typical dreams help us to process and cope with our feelings or trauma. It's almost like seeing a therapist that helps go through emotional processing associated with them to lessen it.

It Helps Us Solve Problems

Some other times, dreams help us solve problems in our waking lives. It helps us learn and develop long-term memories. It helps us with good mood regulation. Rem sleep may also help individuals cope with depression. It is like emotional therapy.

Sometimes you dream about what you hope and achieve. And that rem sleep may brighten your day. They may get you enthusiastic about the future or place you in exotic locations or fascinating situations.

Dream recall is dreams that keep on coming back. The rem sleep repeats every week or every month. This kind of dream tells you about unresolved issues in your life that you need to address and solve. It means your dream is your brain's way of advising on how to get through the trauma and have a happier future.

It Tells About our Possible Future

According to some studies, some dream appears to anticipate future events.

Have you ever wondered? Our dreams are sometimes about a scenario where you are the main cast. In the story, you are having vivid dreams about a scene and seeing all images about you. To cut the story short, since you do not know about the meaning of your dreams.

After some time, you will suddenly encounter a scenario in your life that is the same as your dreams and your dream characters. And that is the only time you will realize that you have dreamt it before, your subconscious is giving you about the possible future events, and you've just ignored them.

Now is the perfect time to do it if you're not interested in interpreting your dreams. To be prepared and avoid the threat it will pose in the future.

Bottom Line

Dreams are fragments of your past and present experiences collected by your brain. It processes these images to create a story while you are asleep. Those stories are your book of life. The human brain consolidates them and thinks of solutions to resolve the problem. Your brain is giving you visions through dreams. But since dreams are sometimes so hard to understand, we don’t have the wisdom to define the meaning of each dream. And we always ended up ignoring it. So, take the time to learn about dream interpretation to avoid unlucky circumstances.