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How will you use the law of attraction in your daily life?

How will you use the law of attraction in your daily life? div image

First, let's find out more about the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is a universal principle. It existed before the existence of the earth. It's been there all the time.

This universal law is a powerful mental tool. And tapping that energy is challenging.

It is also the challenging part of manifesting. Why? Because it is the core of manifestation. Without the law of attraction, manifesting is useless.

Its relationship is like between a noun and a verb. Where the noun is the "law of attraction" and the verb is the "manifesting."

Because in the law of attraction, you will not take action; instead, you will use your mind to visualize your dream creatively. And then it stops there. No effort is made but just waiting for the energy to be attracted to your goal to draw its likeness.

Thus, the law of attraction is where your idea began. It is where creative visualizations start. However, be careful because the law of attraction is with risk. So be careful not to attract what the negative thoughts bring.

Furthermore, in this law, you are not in control of what you will attract because of the limiting belief caused by your paradigm.

How the law of attraction works

To fully understand it. Let's visualize it. Draw a big circle. Imagine it is your brain. Then, divide it in half by drawing a straight line. The first half is your conscious mind. And the second half is your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is programmed. Even when you are sleeping, it is always working. Your subconscious collects and stores everything that has happened in your life. And all the accumulated information from when you were a baby until now goes in there. And the energy formed is called a paradigm. This paradigm consists of all your data.

For example, becoming who you are right now. Thus, you are the product of your environment. It is also where you produce the result of your idea. It can be positive or negative thoughts. That depends on you.

Your conscious mind is where your creative visualization starts. Your ability to think starts here. It is where you build your ideas. So, you can think whatever you want to consider believing here.

And the process of the power of the mind never stops; it flows and flows through you. And as it flows in your subconscious mind, you will start thinking. And the results can be harmful or positive thoughts based on the consequence created by your paradigm.

So, the result of your idea will be the result of your attraction. Then, if you have negative thoughts, you will attract those thoughts and the same with optimism. It is a challenging part of the law of attraction.

Because you can't control what you will attract, it can be positive and harmful since it is based on your natural ability to think. It was based on your paradigm.

The paradigm is conditioning. It is the way you distinguish right and wrong. It's the way you feel. It's the way you're programmed. It is how you were raised.

How does it work for humans?

To understand it clearly. Let us know how the law of attraction works in us humans.

To us human beings, it all starts in our minds. You create a spark in your brain when you think of an idea. So those neurons began working. It emits waves inside your head. They are telling you what to do.

In other words, these neurons emit energy. And this energy is connected to the law of attraction. So, whatever the result of your brain activity will attract its likeness.

According to a study, the human mind has almost 70,000 thoughts processed daily. That's a lot! So, the law of attraction is continuously working with you, and it never stops.

How will you effectively use the law of attraction in your life?

To effectively use this law of attraction in your daily life. You have to change your paradigm first. Why?

Because paradigm is the cause of your limiting beliefs, it is the drive of your subconscious telling you that you can't do it. For example, you suddenly utter. Oh! I don't deserve that new job position. My capacity tells me that I cannot do it. So now negative energy is attracted to you.

They say the law of attraction is always working, and whether you use it or not, it is still doing its purpose, attracting and attracting energy always. So, whether positive or negative, the law of attraction keeps drawing on your paradigm.

And at that time, you have attracted negative vibrations because of your limiting beliefs.

As the law of attraction states, what energy you emit will be attracted to you. So be careful not to emit negative energy. To do so, change your paradigm. Make a paradigm shift. Use the power of your mind. Use the second law of attraction, "Nature Abhors a Vacuum."

Reprogram your belief, remove all negative thoughts and clear them out. Then, please change it to a whole new level of perception. Put all the positive energy of life in there and begin a new world of positive beliefs.

To change your paradigm, you should practice doing it daily for your subconscious to be familiar with it. Get rid of all that negative energy that lingers in you. Be mindful of all the optimistic thoughts, feelings, reactions, and ideas. Everything that needed change changed it. No more, no less.

So having such a paradigm is very beneficial in your daily life. However, to effectively use the law of attraction in your daily routine, you must teach your subconscious mind by repeating it daily and be optimistic.

Use this method daily in your life. Always practice optimism so that your thoughts bring positive energy. Do it as your daily routine until your paradigm accepts this belief as one of your life philosophies.

When you are doing it as your daily routine, you attract more positive energy. So having accumulated positive energy will give you a positive outcome.

Always set a goal. Remember to draw positive experiences in your everyday life so that your present is always perfect, with the help of those positive affirmations.