Angel With Broken Wings and Broken Dagger Coffee Cup Reading

Angel With Broken Wings and Broken Dagger Coffee Cup Reading

Angel With Broken Wings

Angel With Broken Wings : in Five Words

  • Isolation
  • Abandonment
  • Challenges
  • Despair
  • efeated

Angel With Broken Wings Meaning

An angel is associated with qualities of protection and guidance - but they lack the positivity denoted to them when their wings are broken. In a more somber tone, angels with broken wings are a sign that you are abandoning yourself and everything you love. They are despaired, and unhappy beings and this is a reflection on your current state of mind. It’s as if you are defeated and aren’t willing to put up a fight.

The appearance of an angel with broken wings is a sign you are entering a period of intense struggle. It is almost as if you are reliving a painful part of your past, and you refuse to move on from it. The broken wings are a visual representation of the emotional pain that accompanies feeling abandoned and unable to rise above your circumstances. If you have finally got to your own breaking point, there is luckily only one way to go - and that is up. There is a chance for healing and renewal, if you allow yourself the space to do so.

The act of abandoning all you hold dear speaks to the weight of the challenges you are facing. It's a reflection of the overwhelming sense of defeat that can come with challenges. However, this symbol is not one the end of your story, but rather a call to acknowledge your pain and seek support, so you can find the strength to rebuild despite the brokenness.

Broken Dagger

Broken Dagger: in Five Words

  • Challenges
  • Vulnerability
  • Powerlessness
  • Influence
  • Loss

Broken Dagger Meaning

The broken dagger symbolizes a sense of powerlessness and vulnerability, as if the protective tool you once had has now been rendered ineffective. Life's changes and challenges may have left you feeling exposed and defenseless, and unable to shield yourself from the blows that come your way. You have this air of defense, but it is broken, just like the coffee cup symbol before you.

The broken dagger represents a great sense of loss. This loss has left you lost, with not many people to turn to. It firmly acknowledges the pain of losing something dear to you, whether it's a person, an opportunity, or a sense of security. Whoever it may be, they are not in your life anymore, and you are suffering without them being regularly around. The broken dagger is a visual representation of the emotional wounds that result from such losses that make you feel powerless.

Angel With Broken Wings and Broken Dagger Together

The combination of an angel with broken wings and a broken dagger speaks to a period of life where challenges have taken a toll on both your sense of spiritual support and personal power. The angel with broken wings reflects the emotional anguish and feeling of abandonment that accompany hardship, while the broken dagger symbolizes a sense of powerlessness and loss in the face of life's trials. Together, you have lost a battle, but the war is yet to be decided.

The pairing of these symbols really grips your struggles and shows you that you have reached a point where you feel totally helpless, and not in control of your feelings. They want you to think of a time where you may feel both spiritually and emotionally wounded before this and remember how you got out of it. Even in the darkest moments, there is an opportunity for healing and remembering where your strengths lay.

This unhappy combination asks you to seek support, both from within and from those around you. It's a call to recognize your vulnerability and to allow yourself to grieve the losses you've experienced and take your time in doing so. It is possible to slowly mend your wings and regain your strength, but you must grace yourself with patience, and be kind to yourself.

Today’s Action

It’s clear you are suffering at the moment, and what you have lost you are grieving heavily. Life feels totally different, and now all you have are the empty holes where love and comfort once sat. Today is about coming to terms with this and understanding that you are not meant to stay here. Find one person today whom you can rely on to pen to. Let them hear you, and in being heard, you can find your purpose once more.

Angel With Broken Wings and Broken Dagger Affirmation

I am stronger than I think, and my experiences are going to help me become resilient.

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