Small Axe with Melting Candle Coffee Cup Reading

Small Axe with Melting Candle Coffee Cup Reading

Small Axe

Small Axe: in Five Words

  • Bravery
  • Conciseness
  • Awareness
  • Advocation
  • Liberation

Small Axe Meaning

The small axe is a small yet valiant symbol in your coffee cup reading that represents your goals. It wants you to consider the fact that it may not be as big as other axes, but that it is still able to get the job done. The only thing you need to bring to the table is the courage to use it properly and efficiently, so that you can be concise about what you decide to do, and how you decide to do it. You must gather your inner resolve to carve out your desired path in life, so stand tall, acknowledge your aspirations and summon the bravery needed to chase them.

This is also a symbol of the importance of being aware of your goals and intentions. Letting them fade does not give them an opportunity to come alive and answer your prayers the way they ought to be answered. Setting clear objectives empowers you to align your actions with your desires and helps you to tick off those things on your to-do list. The symbolism of the small axe encourages you to evaluate your ambitions and channel your energy toward realizing your dreams.

There is a strong sense of freedom in the small axe, as it doesn’t put pressure on you. Instead, it chooses to open your eyes to possibility, rather than that everyone else is doing. It is like a little cheerleader, making sure you are aware that its use can liberate you and be there for you to get you out of trouble, or find you nearer to your answers.

Melting Candle

Melting Candle: in Five Words

  • Despair
  • Waneng
  • Isolation
  • Fatigue
  • Emptiness

Melting Candle Meaning

The melting candle is a rather symbolic and subdued representation of fatigue. Its use has been taken advantage of, and it is now tired of being what it has been to everyone. This could be you - tired of being there for everyone else whilst paying little to no attention to yourself. As your energy wanes, so does your enthusiasm and zest for life. What is there left for you to achieve? There doesn’t feel anything - and that it's you with a notion of despair, and exhaustion finally takes its toll on your spirit.

Feeling tired underscores, your vitality and motivation experiences fluctuations that make others concerned for you, but you don’t seem to care very much and instead almost rejoice in this moment of sadness. This is truly a time to extend compassion to yourself during times of struggle.

If you have been finding life difficult at the moment, the melting candle is a sign that you are not quite out of the woods yet. There is possibly a lost love that goes with this - and as it has come to an end, you are grieving the loss of what you once had.

Small Axe and Melting Candle Together

The small axe is a sweet sign of courage and purpose, but when it converges with the melting candle's portrayal of fatigue and despair, it is as if you have tried one too many times - still to no avail. There is a connection between chasing your goals and understanding when life makes you weary and it's time to pause briefly. The small axe teaches you that while bravery propels you toward your goals, acknowledging moments of fatigue and vulnerability is equally crucial.

Together, the small axe and melting candle underline the importance of continuing to try, and not giving up, but also giving yourself the chance to see where you may have gone wrong, and what you can do about it next time to improve your situation. As you set forth with a small axe in hand, boldly pursuing your ambitions, you must also recognize the inevitability of periods when your energy wanes, similar to the melting candle's decline.

Today’s Action

Whilst it’s fun to be brave and have everything you want in your mind before you set off to make it happen, today might not go to that exact plan. Your intentions might be good, better than good in fact, but you are not feeling it inside you. You’ve tried so many times to have the desired outcome that this time around, you are wondering if it is worth waiting and holding off until you feel better within yourself. You’d be wise to do this today. There is no shame in it.

Small Axe and Melting Candle Affirmation

Sometimes it's okay to put off today, what I can do tomorrow. Rest I will.

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