Axe with Chip and Small Butterfly Cup Reading

Axe with Chip and Small Butterfly Cup Reading

Axe with Chip

Axe with Chip: in Five Words

  • Self-sabotage
  • Destruction
  • Rudeness
  • Abruptness
  • Attitudes

Axe with Chip Meaning

The presence of a chip in an axe as a symbol in a coffee cup reading introduces an element of sabotage to your life - and it’s likely to be caused by you and aimed at you. This suggests that while you possess the skill to conquer difficulties, there might be a tendency to undermine your own potential for success. Why would you do this on purpose, and what are you trying to achieve?

Sabotaging your own success is a behavior rooted in self-doubt. What don’t you like about yourself, and what do you think you can’t achieve? More importantly, what do you think is not good enough about you that you don’t deserve happiness, or a good outcome? Fear of change, or a lack of self-worth manifest as missed opportunities, and the more you procrastinate, the less gets done. Making poor choices that put a cap on your advancements will eventually help you reflect on these patterns and consider whether you're unconsciously preventing yourself from reaching your goals.

Ruining what good you have in your life is another meaning drawn from the axe with a chip. You have so many blessings in your current situation, you just might not be able to see them at the moment. Don’t let negativity or complacency erode the positive aspects of your life, because when you do it can make you feel resentful toward others, which in turn will bring out this huge, bad attitude within you that is bitter of the success of others. Success can be yours too, if you let it.

Small Butterfly

Small Butterfly: in Five Words

  • Potential
  • Care
  • Rest
  • Renewal
  • Anticipation

Small Butterfly Meaning

The appearance of a small butterfly in your coffee cup reading holds a message of great positivity. It signals you to be on the brink of transformation, like the caterpillar that came before it. It might not be the largest out of all the butterflies, but it is new. It has hope, and it has just emerged after a great rest and total change in appearance. This means it can do things it couldn’t do before, and it is excited about exploring the world. The size of the butterfly means any changes in your life may start subtly, but they have the potential to bring about profound shifts.

The emphasis on getting rest within the small butterfly is a reminder that change, and growth requires nourishment to both body and mind. The rest the butterfly undertook before it emerged as a creature of flying beauty is the rest you are being called to understand and appreciate before your own journey ahead. You care, but you might not care quite enough about yourself enough to do this - however - if you don’t rest, your journey will quickly become tiresome.

As you anticipate this time ahead, try to remind yourself that you are capable and have great potential, especially when it comes to improving your professional skills that may lead to a new job. Starting fresh is always quite daunting, but you have the patience and compassion for yourself to make it happen, and to thrive within your learning opportunity.

Axe with Chip and Small Butterfly Together

The axe with a chip in its blade and a small butterfly is really chalk and cheese in a coffee cup reading. On the one hand, there is the potential for everything to go wrong, and for you to be the cause. On the other hand, there is this fresh beauty that is curious about their future, and who wants to win in an honest and pleasant manner.

This combination underscores the contrast between self-sabotage and potential growth, but ultimately it is about being careful not to ruin your own progress with small yet regular mistakes that won’t give you a chance to shine.

Today’s Action

Don’t do anything you will regret today, because what matters more is you doing something right, rather than something quickly. It’s okay to see success on your horizon. You might not be used to it, and of course there is the strong potential that you were raised to never feel good enough, but ultimately you are more than capable of creating your dream career and being very good at it. Keep that in mind the next time you want to step back and stop your progress.

Axe with Chip and Small Butterfly Affirmation

I am more than average, and I was made to soar the skies of my career.

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