Let Hope Shine Through the Darkness with a Coffee Cup Candle

Let Hope Shine Through the Darkness with a Coffee Cup Candle

Candle in Five Words:

  • Light
  • Hope
  • Recovery
  • Peace
  • Healing

Your Coffee Reading - A Candle:

Your coffee cup will show:

  • A large or medium candle in the coffee grounds
  • Turned upside down or the right way.

Meaning of a Candle:

The sight of a candle in a coffee cup reading serves as a huge beacon, calling attention to areas of your life that yearn for more light. If you have succumbed to the darkness of late, know that the flickering light of a candle flame is trying to pull you into happier times. The presence of the candle invites you to explore ways to infuse more light into your life and will be the one thing that sets your day apart from the usual monotony of late.

Challenging Times Are No More

A candle symbol can represent the glimmer of hope that emerges after a period of darkness, reflecting a journey from challenging times to newfound optimism. If you have not been sleeping well, or you have had difficulties in your personal relations, you are finding yourself seeing the literal light at the end of the tunnel. It signifies your ability to overcome any adversity and embrace the light that comes thereafter. The candle's presence is a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is the potential for renewal and transformation.

Healing After Trauma is Possible

Encountering a candle in coffee grounds can also signify a step towards healing and moving forward after a traumatic experience. If you were feeling stuck, you’ll likely feel nervous about this moment in time, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Moving is good, even if it is in small steps. The flame of the candle serves as a representation of resilience and strength, so you are beginning to shed the weight of past pain and are ready to embark on a journey of healing.

Look to Those Who Love You

The warm glow of a candle shows that you have a huge level of support and love that surrounds you. You are starting to see that nurturing relationships is healthy, and a strong network of friends and family can provide comfort during challenging times.

Let Hope Shine Through the Darkness with a Coffee Cup Candle

Position of a Candle in Coffee Cup:

Your fate is in the hands of the position of the candle. Where does it sit in your coffee cup for you?

Near Handle

You are growing resilience and healing after being hurt by someone and are in the process of gaining a firm grip on your emotions, gradually moving beyond the pain caused by another's actions. Use the power of forgiveness toward yourself, allowing the healing light of the candle to illuminate the path toward letting go and finding emotional liberation.


Use music to navigate through moments of pain, because the presence of the candle at the top suggests that you're seeking solace through melodies and rhythms. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of music, and you will find it a great source of healing and transformation for your soul.


You need to find new connections and friendships, because the universe sees you as fairly alone. This middle placement indicates that you're open to building relationships that enrich your life, and that you should be trying to do so regularly. I appreciate these new friendships as sources of light and support on your journey.


You are thinking of moving to a new house to reflect a transformative time for you. The bottom placement signifies the foundation of this change, suggesting that the act of moving brings renewal and a fresh start. You don’t have to be afraid of a new setting, because what is meant for you will find you.

Candle Summary:

A candle seen in a coffee cup reading offers insights into your pursuit of light and hope, which leads to tremendous transformation. Whether it's illuminating areas of your life that require attention, finding solace after hardships or even healing from trauma, the candle's presence holds messages of renewal and positivity. As you engage with this symbol, remember that your journey is marked by the capacity to bring light to even the darkest corners of your existence, leading you towards a path of healing. Life does not always have to be dark, so illuminate it where you can.

Candle Affirmation:

Where there is light, there is hope, and where there is hope, I am.

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