The Disappearing Candle That Melts to Nothing Proves You Are Overwhelmed and Overworked

The Disappearing Candle That Melts to Nothing Proves You Are Overwhelmed and Overworked

Melting Candle in Five Words:

  • Despair
  • Waneng
  • Emptiness
  • Fatigue
  • Monotony

Your Coffee Reading - Melting Candle:

Your coffee cup will show:

  • A candle melting in the coffee grounds
  • Turned upside down or the right way.

Melting Candle with Flame:

The image of a melting candle appearing in the grounds of your coffee cup tells a tale of endurance, of fighting battles both internal and external until energy wanes. The melting candle captures the nature of what you have been going through, and how it has left you low on both physical and emotional fuel. There is a powerful message within though - even when your energy seems to be fading, there is always plenty of room for transformation and renewal.

Energy is not Free

Running low on energy like this is no joke, but so many people do it without considering the consequences. When a melting candle appears, it is a huge sign that you need to stop, take note of how you are feeling, and be mindful of what energy you are giving away for free. The demands of your responsibilities and the expectations put upon you have started to drain you to the point of exhaustion. It's okay to acknowledge this fatigue, to recognize that you can't pour from an empty cup.

The flickering flame of a candle represents hope, and seeing it melt can bring about feelings of despair. However, the very act of acknowledging these emotions can bring you one step closer to reigniting your hope. It's important to remember that while the journey might be challenging, hope is not lost, and sometimes, all it takes is a small gesture of care, or a supportive friend in a beautiful moment of introspection to spark a glimmer of certainty for your journey ahead.

Vulnerability Can Strike at Any Moment

Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. Even when a candle is melting, it is doing its job well and properly, even if it looks as though it is struggling to maintain order. You can find empowerment in acknowledging your struggles and seeking the support you need. Sometimes, sharing your burdens can lead to a sense of connection and relief, which will enable you to embrace your own transformation and emerge stronger at the end of it.

The Disappearing Candle That Melts to Nothing Proves You Are Overwhelmed and Overworked

Position of a Melting Candle:

Your fate is in the hands of the position of the melting candle. Where does it sit in your coffee cup for you?

Near Handle

There is a potential disconnection from your spiritual self or inner guidance, which strongly points to you neglecting your spiritual practices or at the very least, feeling disconnected from a higher purpose. It's time to nurture your inner self and to spend time in reflection, which will allow you to rekindle your spiritual flame.


With a lack of support and encouragement in your life, you might be feeling isolated or unsupported in everything you do. Reach out to those around you and open up about your struggles, and seek the support you deserve, because there is always someone ready to lend an ear.


You are currently engaged in a battle with your own sadness or emotional turmoil, and acknowledging your feelings is crucial for healing. The one thing left to do, is actually acknowledge them. Any willingness to confront these emotions - however difficult - will lead you to a path of healing that will make you soar.


If you are feeling trapped or stagnant in your current job or situation, there is definite change and growth ahead. It is time to evaluate whether your current path aligns with your passions and goals, and if it doesn’t, then it may be time to switch paths. Rather than fear this, thrive within it.

Melting Candle Summary:

A melting candle seen in a coffee cup reading resonates deeply with what you have already been through, and how your future looks totally contrasting. Exhaustion and hopelessness do not have to be your identity, so those personal battles that have been part of your life's journey can and will eventually come to an end. Within these challenges lies the potential for renewal, but you have to dig deep for it. By embracing your vulnerability, and overcoming this tired level of fatigue, it is possible to find solace and strength in equal measures.

Melting Candle Affirmation:

I am weary and my body has had enough, but I am not defeated.

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