Your Jesus Message of the Day: Use a Message to you to Find Energy and Salvation in the Arms of Jesus

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Energy is not something you own, but something that has to be produced. You cannot run on an empty battery, but it is through my prayer and teachings you will be charged and energized. If you were to let the verses that carry the meaning of energy to you, then you will be able to reap what you sow and be rewarded with a zest for life under the glory of God.

Deuteronomy 8:17

Otherwise, you may say in your heart, ‘My power and the strength of my hand made me this wealth.

I do not grow weary. I do not faint. I do not give up. I am the everlasting, and it is through me that you will learn to be that way. In your time of weakness, I will be the strength you need. In your hour of need, I will be the searchable portal of energy that you require. Only then will you be able to let your light shine, with the energy you have created through My love.

Stand before me, Jesus Christ, and I will see that your energy remains, just like your faith in me remain. Even through the darkest night, the sun will rise and give energy to all that is on Earth, including you. And as the Lord is the creator, he is your creator. Keep Him in your heart and receive His love. In his love you will find an energy source to heal and to protect.

Jesus and Energy

I am the energy, and you are the receiver. In your time of need, let it be that you are turning your back on rest, and letting the energy I create become that which is within you. Stand before me and accept God is working in your soul, creating a spirit that never flakes or flounders.

The Bible says that Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (Corinthians 3:17). Your freedom is in your energy, being something, you can have and offer to others. Do not fear weakness, for it is something you can change. Serve the Lord and be fervent in spirit. Look upon each day as a gift you can give your energy to, and in the presence of none, may you use God’s sun to find you, and heal you.

What Jesus Does for You

Facing Energy Alone

Energy can be faced alone, without the need to have somebody with you. It is something manifested within and shone out for others to see. It gives you movement to help, movement to serve, and movement to support. Without it, you are truly alone. Each time you need to reach out through prayer, know that you seek me, and I will find you and hold you in the righteous power that is mine. I am your savior, and I will save, revive and offer you the power to thrive under My name.

Learning The Value of Energy

In that value of energy lies the value of sharing. If you have some, you have some to offer those who have none. He who possesses a cup that is empty has nothing for himself, and nothing to give. Keep those words to be true to you and keep those words to be the faith that others need in their hour of desperation. I give energy to the faint, and in you I see the need to be revived of your recent misfortunes.

Allowing Energy to Strengthen You

Energy is strength, and without it there is little one can do for themselves. If there is no energy, there is no energy to be gained. If you had but a little, it could grow like the seed of a wildflower. Plant the faith I offer, and let it be the growth your energy needs to consume another day under the love of God.

Stay In My Energy

In your hour of weary need, never let yourself fall away. In my energy, let your heart remain by my side. Come to me, all those who seek shelter from fatigue. Stop and feel the energy I have grown and become something you can take with thanks, and grow as you have, for those who call upon you. Be the servant to your community and preach all that you have come to learn about me. Stay in My energy, and in My love.

Jeremiah 31:25

For I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes.

“Let all you do be carried with and in love.”