Bear & Crossroad

Bear & Crossroad
Bear #15

Bear Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Mother
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Power
  • Courageous

Bear Meaning

In Lenormand, Bear can represent a motherly figure in your life or indicate your own motherly instincts and nurturing qualities. If you have a strong mother figure that is a great source of support, you are being drawn towards this person to help you solve your current problems. If it is you who is the mother figure, you are naturally driven to support those you love in times of need.

The Bear card is also associated with authority figures, bosses, and leaders. It suggests that you might find yourself in a position of authority or dealing with someone who holds power over you, this can either be good or bad, depending on how strong you are feeling. It can also indicate the need to take charge and lead with confidence, which is sometimes what is called of us, even if we don’t feel ready.

Bear ultimately encourages you to be courageous and resilient and know that anything can be achieved with a kind, compassionate heart.

Crossroads #22

Crossroads Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Choices
  • Opportunities
  • Changes
  • Resistance
  • Uncertainty

Crossroads Meaning

The Crossroads card in Lenormand is representative of you right now. It is the understanding to be stood in front of a choice of paths, and being uncertain which was to head down. You seem to be stalling because of the risks involved in each one, but you know a choice needs to be made soon.

Down each path lays a plethora of opportunities for you to discover and display your natural curious nature. You want a specific outcome, but that may not be possible if all you do is stand still and wonder what to do for the best. Show yourself that you are made of strong stuff, and head down the one you are drawn to.

Crossroads are all about taking chances, and noticing when your life hits a turning point. This is a time for action, not stagnation, so the longer you spend wondering what to do, the less time you will have to do the things that mean the most to you. If you are scared, take assurance from the fact that change is inevitable, and that the illusion of consistency can sometimes rob us of joy and fresh opportunity.

Bear & Crossroad

Bear and Crossroads Together

The Bear represents strength, power, and authority, while the Crossroads symbolizes choices and decisions. Together, this combination suggests that you may be facing significant decisions or challenges that require courage and determination to overcome. You know you have done this before, but this time it might feel so much more significant.

You might be in a place of mentality where you wonder if your job is really making you happy anymore, or if the relationship you are in meets all your needs. Trust in the moving and shifting of the universe as you navigate your way to a new chapter, and you will soon see that together, Bear and Crossroads are trying to help you, not hinder your progression or confidence.


Bear is represented in numerology as card number 15.
Cross Roads is represented by the number 22.

The Number 1

Number 1 individuals are natural-born leaders. You have a strong drive to achieve your goals and are willing to take initiative and lead others. You are ambitious, determined, and can inspire and motivate those around you, which means you have it in you to deal with change well.

Number 1 tends to symbolize courageous and self-confident people. You believe in yourself and your abilities, which helps you overcome obstacles and challenges, even if they seem never-ending.

Number 1 is often linked to a pioneering spirit, so if there is something you don’t see others doing, you won’t allow it to stop you from giving it a go and breaking the mold.

Today’s Action

Courageous steps are taking place today, and you are at the center of each one. It might seem like you are walking further and further away from your comfort zone, but in actual fact, you are carving a new destiny for yourself. You do not have to be limited, and the realization of this is a catalyst for your future success.

Bear and Crossroads Affirmation

I walk forward with courage and bravery, and I silence my critics in doing so.

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