Fox & Sun

Fox & Sun
Fox #14

Fox Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Work
  • Skill
  • Wit
  • Intelligence
  • Finance

Fox Meaning

The Fox Lenormand card often relates to work and career matters, and that can be anything from raising your knowledge, to dealing with a colleague who is currently asking too much of you. If they are questioning your own intelligence, you will have no idea how talented you are. This may involve being a little shrewd, but sometimes you may need to be.

The Fox card indicates your ability to find solutions to challenges and overcome obstacles, and people who look to you for answers will find them in your never-ending loyalty to the task at hand. You see difficulties, but you do not become overwhelmed amongst them because you feel it is all under your control.

In some interpretations, the Fox card is associated with entrepreneurship and the ability to seize opportunities in business or finance, which could see you being promoted, or risk taking in order to come out on top. You can do this with ease.

Sun #31

Sun Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Strength
  • Light
  • Achievement

Sun Meaning

In Lenormand, the Sun card represents success, accomplishments, and achieving your goals. For years you have been feeling run down, with things not going quite the way you would hope for. Now you are finally seeing the sun rise on a new day, and you are feeling much more energized. This suggests that any efforts will be rewarded, and things will look up.

Sun embodies happiness, joy, and a positive outlook on life. It is almost contagious, as those around you are inspired by your positive and sunny outlook, and this bodes well for any promises you make to yourself or others. Sun encourages you to embrace optimism and find pleasure in the present moment, which should be easy to do.

The Sun illuminate's darkness, and in readings, it can signify gaining clarity and understanding. If you need to find solutions and see things clearly, now is a great time to get started and really unpick past issues, so they don’t repeat in the future.

Fox & Sun

Fox and Sun Together

Fox and Sun represent success and positive outcomes that can be achieved through cleverness, adaptability, and strategic thinking. Together, they encourage you to use your wit and knowledge to navigate through challenges and make the most of favorable opportunities.

The Fox and Sun together indicate that you have the ability to find positive solutions to any problems or obstacles you may be facing. Your positive attitude and clear thinking will help you overcome difficulties and achieve your goals, especially those you have been fearful of approaching.

The Fox represents strategy, while the Sun signifies success. This combination focuses on a favorable outcome for you, and on the days, you feel like you just can’t manage, you will be given a brand-new hit of energy that carries you through.


Fox is represented in numerology as card number 7.
Sun is represented by the number 31.

The Number 2

In numerology, number 2 is all about harmony and working together. It’s like two energies come together to see you through a time in your life that is going to offer you much in return. You are a good team player, with a value for cooperation and unity.

Number 2 individuals have a natural talent for diplomacy and mediation as well, so if you are caught up in a bad aura or argument, you can be the person in the middle who calms everyone and everything, and really gets the job done. You can see both sides of a situation and strive to find peaceful resolutions to conflicts, which people will admire you for.

The number 2 is strongly linked to relationships, partnerships, and love. Those with this number often prioritize their connections with others and seek to create strong bonds, and who cherish the love that comes their way.

Today’s Action

You have a lot on your side today, and as appealing as it sometimes is to sit back and do nothing, when you do, nothing usually gets done. Your time now is to pull out all the stops, and to shine a light on all the financial aspects of your life, so that you don’t miss anything of importance.

Fox and Sun Affirmation

I have what I need, now it’s time to go out and get what I want.

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