Fox & Scythe

Fox & Scythe
Fox #14

Fox Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Deceit
  • Passion
  • Resourceful
  • Strategy
  • Cleverness

Fox Meaning

The Fox Lenormand card is a symbol of cleverness and resourcefulness. When this card appears in a reading, it suggests the need to approach problems with intelligence and strategic thinking, so rather than leading with your heart, sometimes you need a clear mind and sharp wit to handle problems or situations that need an assertive approach.

Just like the fox is known for its ability to adapt to various environments, the Fox card encourages you to be flexible and open to change. If you are wondering how to progress in your career, or in love, you can rely on Fox to help you see that you don’t always have to do things the same in order for it to be a success.

On a more negative note, Fox can represent deceit and manipulation. It wants you to be careful when dealing with people who may not be entirely trustworthy, because if they set out to hurt you, the likelihood is that they will if given half a chance.

Scythe #10

Scythe Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Endings
  • Danger
  • Mistakes
  • Releasing
  • Unexpected

Scythe Meaning

In Lenormand, Scythe signifies unexpected and swift changes, so something to watch out for is the action of someone who you usually rely on to let you down. It can indicate that certain aspects of your life may come to an end abruptly, leading to a new phase or direction, and one that you shouldn’t be afraid of.

Scythe can represent the need to cut ties or sever connections with someone or something, so it might be time to let go of relationships, situations, or projects that no longer serve your best interests. If you have been stuck in a dynamic for some time, and you can feel yourself growing, maybe the space you are in is simply too small for you now.

The Scythe is a sharp tool, symbolizing potential dangers or risks. It advises you to be wary in your actions and decisions to avoid accidents or hasty mistakes. Sometimes, it can be easily done, but equally easily avoided. If you take your time, you will come out winning.

Fox & Scythe

Fox and Scythe Together

The Fox and Scythe cards combine together to indicate that you need to be cautious about someone's deceptive actions or decisions. It warns against making hasty choices without considering potential hidden motives. If you feel strongly about someone letting you down, now is the time to ask yourself if it is worth them being in your life at all.

This combination suggests that you may need to take swift and decisive actions, possibly using your intelligence and cunning character to navigate through a challenging time. It does hurt to see a person let you down or betray you, but it is far better to know now, than to keep trusting them and find they let you down on an even bigger scale.

The Fox and Scythe together can sometimes symbolize being cut off or deceived by someone or something. It advises being wary of potential traps or manipulation, so if there is a person who is attempting to leave you out of something, then just know that the problem does not lie with you.


Fox is represented in numerology as card number 7.
Scythe is represented by the number 10.

The Number 8

The number 8 in numerology is often linked to success and abundance, so material achievements are very important. You are often driven to accomplish your goals and attain financial prosperity, because that is your main driving force.

Those with the numerology number 8 tend to be ambitious and determined, so your strong desire for authority may see you taking on leadership roles, which you will flourish in. It can also mean taking the lead in problematic moments.

The number 8 is closely connected to business matters and financial opportunities, meaning you display a savvy head in matters of money and investment.

Today’s Action

You are coming out winning at the moment, with this magical combination of Fox and Scythe. Despite all the fireworks around you, you are ensuring the best for yourself by spotting those who are not welcome in your life. Today, apply this where possible, and never let the negativity in others win.

Fox and Scythe Affirmation

I appreciate that all endings are new beginnings in disguise, and I will bravely step into them.

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