Fox & Anchor

Fox & Anchor
Fox #14

Fox Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Clever
  • Straight-talking
  • Business
  • Money
  • Professional

Fox Meaning

The Fox card in Lenormand signifies the need to use your intelligence and wit to navigate through some really tricky circumstances. You may need to be strategic or employ clever tactics to achieve your goals, but this will shine a light on your true abilities. Sometimes you need to get a head start in order to win big.

On a more negative note, the Fox can at times represent deceit, manipulation, or sly behavior. It warns against being taken advantage of or falling into traps set by others. If you are lucky enough to work with a big group of people, be aware that they may not be impressed with your work ethic all the time and could try to destroy your talent.

For this reason, Fox is often associated with the workplace, career, and business matters. It can suggest that you need to be shrewd and resourceful in your professional endeavors. When thinking about Fox this way, try to imagine giving up an idea or a belief at work that other people on your team may not appreciate.

Anchor #35

Anchor Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Stability
  • Security
  • Habit
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment

Anchor Meaning

The Anchor card is a sign of stability and security, pulling you down to stay in a place for some time, so that you can feel the safety of being there. Anchor means that you have craved being in one place for long enough to appreciate it and build a bit of a life there. This could stem from your constant past of hopping from one situation to another.

An anchor can represent commitment, loyalty, and dedication as well, so as you ground yourself in one place, you begin to see trust built from others when they view you. This might be new for you, and as you start to enjoy it, you create roots that ground you and make you appreciate your own loyalty to yourself.

The Anchor card symbolizes permanence and longevity, so not giving up is a good element to take away from its meaning. This kind of determination will get you far and keep you winning when you otherwise may have lost it all. This truly is a new time for you.

Fox & Anchor

Fox and Anchor Together

Together, The Fox and Anchor combination suggests that you can achieve whatever your heart desires if you dedicate yourself to some clever thinking and ensure that you don’t run before you can walk. The Fox's cunning nature, combined with the Anchor's stability, advises you to use your intelligence and wit to create a secure foundation in your life.

The Fox and Anchor together indicate that you have the ability to find reliable and enduring solutions to any problems or challenges you may be facing. It advises you to stay grounded and committed to your goals, and with perseverance and time, whatever you wish for will become fruitful.

In a career context, Fox and Anchor can indicate a stable and secure work environment. It may suggest that your forward thinking has contributed to your job stability, and people you work for rely on you to give the business the answers they need, to perhaps even grow in numbers and reap financial rewards.


Fox is represented in numerology as card number 7.
The anchor is represented by the number 35.

The Number 6

People with the number 6 in their numerology chart often have a strong nurturing and caring nature. You are compassionate and seek to help and support others, which does wonders for the greater good.

The number 6 is closely linked to family life and home, meaning you prioritize your loved ones and strive to create a harmonious domestic environment where possible. This often sees you as a good person to lean on in a crisis.

Number 6 stands for harmony - you seek to create balance in your life and relationships. You are peacemakers and often act as mediators in conflicts, meaning people can turn to you in times of need.

Today’s Action

Today you are challenged by the universe to be victorious. It might not seem much, but every time you say no instead of saying yes to please others, you are doing yourself the utmost of favors. Don’t stop doing that today.

Fox and Anchor Affirmation

I am committed to my truth, and I owe it to myself to stand proud.

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