Stork in Five Words:

  • Repetitiveness
  • Change
  • Transition
  • Cycles
  • Progression

Today’s Overview:

The Stork shows up when change is firmly manifesting in your life. It goes beyond wishing for something to be different, and never really doing anything about it. This is about true movement, and a transition to a life that rests alongside your most important values that you try to uphold.

The Stork sees your need to make a go of something, and that is the main topic of conversation today that you are likely going to have between your head and your heart. It sees everything you wish and desire, but the Stork also notes your apprehensive nature, and wants to try and reassure you that it is a bird that takes itself where life is and wants the same for you. Fly to wherever you need to be, and if you are scared, use this as your catalyst for pushing through the barriers of fear.

Angels and Feathers

The Stork is known for its fearless approach to life, and pulling this card out in a reading is truly significant to what the universe is expecting of you today. Being still is not something you, or any of us, were designed for, so specifically looking at ways you can move, bit by bit, to uncover the courage you have deep inside of you is something you ought to be focusing on.

Life is all about experiencing those cycles that take us from the start of something to the end. Often, you might not notice when something has come to an end, and you hang around, hoping to feel those feelings you had previously, or see those people who were there during that period. You look up and realize that you’re alone and feeling incredibly sad.

Today, there might not be anybody standing beside you, but being still with that knowledge isn't going to get you to the next chapter of your life, and all the excitement that awaits - if you just took that chance and took that leap.


Numerology number 8

The Stork is represented in numerology by the number 8, which offers you power and strength. The stars are aligned for you, and on your side. They are rooting for you to uproot yourself and are keen to see you be bold and brave in the face of all your fears.

There is a layer of confidence and strength with numerology number 8, and the idea that you can go out there and get whatever you want, not only temporarily, but for life.

Action Steps for Today:

Today is all we really have, and you are waking up to the gift of the present moment. You are being asked one very important question, on the dawn of this gift: ‘Do you want to spend this day like all the others?’ This question runs deep, because often you find that waking up is the hardest part. Rolling out of bed and wondering what the day will bring is not conducive to a productive train of thought, yet you can roll out of bed with every intention to try something new and see where it gets you.

Create real memories

It is possible to create an air of reality to go alongside your dreams. You must do so today, with the strength and passion that numerology number 8 is giving to you. There is a calling you must listen to because ignoring it will keep you stationed in this limbo that you are no longer growing efficiently in. Change your environment and watch yourself bloom.

Be on the lookout today for people who are keen to hold you back. Even if their intentions are good and kind, they may not want you to grow because it is something that they themselves are not ready or equipped for. It’s okay to acknowledge them in their struggles, but the Stork card wants you to respectfully move at a pace destined for you, rather than hang back and wait for people to be as brave as you are deep down.

Today’s Summary:

The Stork is not one to mess around with. Free and fearless as they are, they are incredibly able to move with the calling of nature, and where they go, they are welcomed, and they create great things there. This is your calling today, and if you were to leave your fears behind, you will come to see that there is a shiny world out there, just waiting for you.

Lenormand Stork Affirmation:

I am to go where I am meant to be.

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