Stork & Whip

Stork & Whip
Stork #17

Stork Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Change
  • Travel
  • Evolving
  • Transition
  • Moving

Stork Meaning

The Stork card suggests that there may be changes or transformations happening in your romantic life. There seems to be a certain someone vying for your attention and looking to go places with you - quite literally. This could be an opportunity for you to seek and explore the love of a lifetime. Changes like this will be positive and indicate growth in your personal house of relationships or personal development - what you see as a mature and loving union.

A Stork may also symbolize a period of renewal or a fresh start in a romantic situation. If you are single, it could indicate that a significant change or new phase in your love life is on the horizon - perhaps a new commitment or promise to each other. Be open to embracing these changes and opportunities that come your way.

Stork can signify changes and shifts occurring in different aspects of your life other than love too, such as general new beginnings you may once have been too afraid to explore. If you are fed up with the way something is going, you can use the Stork card to change direction and start working on a new phase or era.

Whip #11

Whip Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Conflict
  • Tension
  • Arguments
  • Toxicity
  • Control

Whip Meaning

The Whip card is generally associated with themes of conflict, and anything that occurs within that concept. It seems that you might be in the midst of coping with controlling people or behavior, especially around family or love. It doesn’t leave you feeling positive, and it unwillingly gives you permission to back away when you might feel like fighting.

If you feel uncomfortable in a setting, you must remember that you have the option to leave - you don’t have to remain there. Being unafraid and unapologetically will help you realize and discover a little about yourself - that you are more than capable.

The Whip card can also represent recurring issues or patterns in a person's life. It may suggest that you are dealing with the same problems repeatedly, or refusing to let go of habits that are no longer serving you properly. If you feel lost in an unhealthy blend of thoughts and patterns, now is the time to escape and start again. .

Stork & Whip

Stork and Whip Together

The Stork represents changes and transformation, while the Whip symbolizes conflicts, arguments, or repetitive issues. Together in a unique combination, they suggest that a period of conflicts or arguments is coming to an end, and healing and transformation are on the horizon. This is great news for you, as this conflict has left you exhausted and feeling despondent

Stork and Whip can indicate that some confrontations or disagreements have taken place in your life or in a relationship that has meant a great deal to you. They represent that these conflicts have prompted or will also prompt changes in the dynamic of the situation, leaving you perhaps more in control, or being the decision maker.

The combination of the Stork and Whip can indicate that there has been much repetitive and toxic behavior from someone who has left you feeling drained and perhaps even unworthy. When you find the control, you find a resolution for your mental health, which luckily helps you heal and come to terms with what is set to be a transformative breakthrough.


Stork is represented in numerology as card number 17.
Whip is represented by the number 11.

The Number 1

Number 1 in numerology represents individuality and independence. You are coming to be the person you were destined to be, and nobody is going to stop you. People with this life path number tend to be self-reliant and prefer to take charge of their lives, which is exactly what you are doing.

Number 1 is like an injection of confidence and self-belief. You have got some positive thoughts running through your mind, and you are heading toward a mental space that will take others by impressive surprise.

Today’s Action

Today is about feeling pride. Pride in your abilities and pride in your personal strength. You have come so far, and from now on, nobody is going to take advantage of you. This is a hopeful and transformative day.

 Stork and Whip Affirmation

No longer will I allow others to take control of my life.

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