Stork & Cross

Stork & Cross
Stork #17

Stork Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Beginnings
  • Traveling
  • Change
  • Courage
  • Transformations

Stork Meaning

The Stork card in Lenormand is associated with renewal. There is a huge sense of urgency in your life now to deal with those same old habits you’ve had that really haven’t gotten you far in life, and to change them to mean something more to you. Injecting a healthy diet, or a healthy morning routine into your life will ultimately bring about another set of transformative concepts that will make you feel like a new person.

Stork often suggests progress and moving forward, and that might be something you have wanted to do but have lacked the mental physical space to do so. If someone or something hasn’t been right for you, you are now seeing this clearly, and wanting to step away from any more time together. This might be in your career or relationships, but whatever it is - you have outgrown it by a large mile. Stork is encouraging you to take positive steps and make the changes needed to achieve your goals, starting today.

As migratory birds, storks are associated with travel and movement, meaning the Stork card might indicate upcoming trips or changes in your physical location. If you have wanted to expand your horizons, now is the time to jump in and take the leap.

Cross #36

Cross Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Challenges
  • Difficulties
  • Conflict
  • Suffering
  • Burdens

Cross Meaning

The Cross card represents burdens and challenges that you might be experiencing or will encounter, if you aren’t already. These could be very difficult for you to experience, because you are seemingly sick of carrying this emotional weight around with you wherever you go.

Cross can also symbolize sacrifice and suffering, so it might be that you are giving up on someone or something that hasn’t been fruitful to you, or perhaps saying goodbye to a love that no longer seems interested in you. This should not determine your worth but will sadly make you feel not good enough for a little time.

On a more positive note, the Cross card can represent faith and endurance. It indicates that even in difficult times, having faith and staying strong will help you overcome obstacles and challenges. It is a visual reminder that having faith can sometimes be enough, even if you feel desperately sad. It offers hope for a better future.

Stork & Cross

Stork and Cross Together

Stork and Cross represent a period of significant change and transformation, especially when it comes to saying goodbye to a person in a period of your life that you have grown comfortable in. It is a combination that shows there is proof of growth outside of your familiarity, but as any change, it takes time to adjust.

The Stork represents positive changes and growth, while the Cross signifies burdens and obstacles. Together, they reveal the changes you are experiencing might involve overcoming hardships and facing inner struggles as part of your personal development journey. This can be achieved, with a little time and patience.

The Stork and Cross together could imply that the positive transformations and progress you desire may require you to make sacrifices or endure hardships. Not everything is easy, and the promise that it is nothing but fictitious. You will find that as you ride the storm, you gain strength and resilience.


Stork is represented in numerology as card number 17.
The Cross is represented by the number 36.

The Number 8

The number 8 in numerology is strongly connected to success, achievement, and material abundance. It appears that whilst you may not like the hardship, it will all be worth it in the end. Influenced by this number, you are often driven to excel in their endeavors and are likely to attain financial prosperity and recognition for your hard work.

Numerology number 8 is also linked to financial prosperity and material gain. It is associated with financial wisdom, good money management, and the ability to attract wealth and abundance into your life, so you may find that you exit a difficult time and are rewarded highly.

Today’s Action

You will be wanting to seek solace today, to shelter from everything that is causing you to feel an uncomfortable emotional state - but resist. Let the pain come through, and you will build thick layers of strength as a result.

Stork and Cross Affirmation

I am ready.

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