Stork & Coffin

Stork & Coffin
Stork #17

Stork Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Transformation
  • Change
  • Hope
  • Travel
  • Horizons

Stork Meaning

The Stork Lenormand card can bring positive news or opportunities to you, which may heavily involve going somewhere, or being invited to a new palace or destination. This could be a literal place, or a mental state of mind that you haven’t experienced.

The Stork card, for this very reason, is linked strongly to travel, which might mean you are off to exciting places on an adventure, or you might be thinking about a new mental space to sit in and find a little inner peace.

Like the stork's ability to adapt to different environments, the Stork card encourages you to be flexible and open minded. Saying yes more and embracing changes with grace can adjust your plans or mindset as needed, and you might find you learn a little along the way. This is a truly a deep time that you won’t forget, so hold on tight for an exciting ride.

Coffin #8

Coffin Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Closure
  • Difficulties
  • Endings
  • Battles
  • Relief

Coffin Meaning

The Coffin card represents the concept of endings and closure. It can indicate that a particular situation, phase, or relationship is coming to an end. This doesn't necessarily mean the end is negative, as some endings can bring relief or pave the way for new opportunities, which might be written down as your fate.

Like a cocoon turning into a butterfly, the Coffin card can symbolize transformation and rebirth. It suggests that a period of significant change and personal growth is happening or about to occur, and you might feel sad at the end, but this usually means something far more exciting is on its way to you.

The Coffin card often advises letting go of what no longer serves you. It might be a sign that you need to release old patterns, beliefs, or attachments that hinder your progress and happiness. It is important through your struggles to remember how important it is to find pockets of happiness each day, and you will do so knowing you are heading towards a brighter future.

Stork & Coffin

Stork and Coffin Together

The Stork represents change and growth, while the Coffin symbolizes endings and closure. This combination suggests that the transformations you are experiencing or seeking may come about through the process of letting go or bringing closure to certain aspects of your life. It could indicate that you are in a period of significant transition and personal growth after going through or accepting an ending. Whilst it may have been painful, the premise remains that you are destined to evolve.

Another interpretation is that the Stork and Coffin combination signifies that positive transformations and new beginnings can arise from difficult or challenging endings. There is much hope when something ends, because it leaves room for a blank page to write on, whatever you wish. It suggests that even though certain situations or relationships may be coming to an end, they are necessary for your personal growth and resilience.

Stork and Coffin may indicate that you are experiencing healing and closure after a challenging time. Sometimes, so much pain can happen all at once, and it can be overwhelming to those experiencing it. It’s as if you just want a break, and for one good thing to begin to balance everything out for you. This can happen, and will, with the blend of Stork and Coffin.


Stork is represented in numerology as card number 17.
Coffin is represented by the number 8.

The Number 7

The number 7 in numerology is linked to intellectual curiosity and analytical thinking. This will be so useful to you when trying to think about why something may have happened, and how you can move forward without being dragged back into the past. Those influenced by this number have a natural inclination to study and analyze subjects deeply, and allow themselves to breathe through the changes.

Number 7 is highly spiritual and connected to spirituality, meditation, and philosophical matters, so as you go through the changes, you also grow through them.

Today’s Action

Today you must remember who you are, and how your wisdom is going to guide you into a new era of your life. Yes - there is pain, but there is aso hope.

Stork and Coffin Affirmation

I am aware of the pain I am feeling, but I am not the pain, I am the cure.

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