Angel Number 13

The Angel Number 13 is a combination of the Angel Number 1 and the Angel Number 3. This Angel number is all about following your intuition and doing what’s right for you. Right now you need to focus on moving forward in your life in a creative way. You’re going through a growth phase where your experiences are expanding to include new ways of expressing yourself creatively.

You might experience some bad karma at the moment as your karmic slate is cleaned. But these are lessons you can grow and adapt from. As long as you handle these upheavals with grace and courage everything will turn out for the best.

You’re being guided to your Divine Purpose. So, even though things might get a little tough at times this is actually a blessing in disguise. You’re discovering a new path that aligns to your Divine Purpose. The key is to stay goal oriented and look for creative ways to solve any problems you might be facing at this time.

What you Should Focus on

Right now your Angels want you to focus on clearing your karmic slate and finding a better way to align to your Divine Purpose. Until now you’ve been doing things by the book, but that’s just not going to cut it anymore. You need to start thinking of creative ways to get through old problems.

Your karma has a chance to be cleared and that’s a huge bonus for you in the long run. But to do that you need to face the lessons you’ve been avoiding. You can’t listen to the advice of others right now. You need to find your own way to clean your karma and get back on track towards your Divine Purpose. It is your Divine Purpose and nobody else’s.

The more creative and independent you are the better. You need to follow your intuition and go where it leads you. Your Angels will guide you through your thoughts, feelings and circumstances. You just need to keep steering the course towards your goals.

What your Angels are Helping you with

With the Angel Number 13 your Angels want to help you clear your karmic slate. What that means is that all your bad karma from the past is going to turn up as lessons right now. This is not going to be a smooth process. There will be days that you really struggle to get ahead. That’s because you have a lot of lessons to learn to clear past karma and move forward with a clean slate.

But that doesn’t mean things are all bad. The more creatively and gracefully you deal with the lessons that are coming your way the better things will go for you in the long run. Clearing your karma takes a lot of compassion towards your past self. If you cling onto your old ideas now you’ll only be making life harder for yourself. You need to let go of your past self with love and realize that the new and improved you can’t make the same mistakes the old you made.

With the Angel Number 13 the mistakes you made in the past were probably because you were listening to other people too much. You were doing things by the book instead of following your own creativity and intuition. The more you start to rely on these aspects of yourself the easier it will be for you to step into your Divine Purpose and live a simpler life that’s better suited to your own life purpose.

The Overall Message

Overall you Angels want you to know that even though things are going to get tough over the next few weeks or months you are being looked after. Clearing the karmic lessons that come with Angel Number 13 isn’t always easy, but it is necessary if you want to start living in your own truth.

Be creative in your problem solving. You don’t have to turn to others for advice right now. Your Angels are guiding you through your intuition. Rather listen to your own thoughts and feelings. They will guide you closer to your Divine Purpose and help you unlock a life that is free of bad karma.

The more you rely on yourself and your own idea of what your life should be like the more you will be able to create that life for yourself. You need to stay positive and compassionate towards your past self to get through this time. The more you handle your lessons with grace and love the better your future will be.