Angel Number 151 - Succeed Like A Pro

Did you know that the top 3% of people in the world got there through confidence? And the people like you that aren’t there don’t have the confidence to get there. The uniqueness of number 151 is not easily described. It's a lucky number with many secrets to be unraveled. But you’re lacking that one key ingredient that separates the haves from the have nots.

How are your confidence levels? Are you at the top of your game? Or do you still need more confidence to see yourself where you want to be? That’s one of the big keys to confidence. Knowing that you can get to where you want to be. Believing it with every fiber of your being. That’s how you get from where you are to being successful.

Here are four exercises you can do to become more confident. To show your Angels that you mean business. Because if you don’t show your Angels that you mean business you’re just going to stay stuck where you are. And that’s definitely not going to help you get into the top 30%, never mind the top 3%.

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The Superman

This is a very simple way to boost your confidence. All it takes is standing with your chest puffed out and your hands on your hips for five minutes. Sure it might seem like nothing but it’s been shown to boost confidence and improve the way you handle difficult tasks.

You can use this exercise to boost your confidence before you do something important like go into a big meeting. Or you can even use it to get around to doing those little things that you don’t have the energy to do. Superman pose is a surefire way to double your confidence and it’s so quick and easy.

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Did you know that affirmations also boost confidence. If you use your affirmations in the right way they have the ability to boost your confidence and make it a lot easier to get things done. The top 3% in the world didn’t get there without some form of affirmation to boost their confidence levels.

But which affirmations work best for boosting confidence? Well, things like “I can do this”, “this is easy”, “nothing can stop me”, all work to strengthen your confidence. Repeating one or more of these affirmations over and over to yourself will trick your brain into confidence overdrive.

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The more you believe something is possible the more you will be able to make that thing happen. That’s why with visualizations it’s so important to imagine your dream coming true to the smallest little detail. Each little thing counts. And the more you believe that something is possible the more you’ll trick your brain into being confident it will happen.

And of course the more you can trick yourself into being confident the more you’re going to see results. Those results will make you even more confident. But make sure you start off small. Succeeding in making little goals happen through visualization will help you build confidence and make the big things happen later on.

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It’s easy to forget that our faith plays a big role in our confidence levels. When we believe something will happen we become more confident that it will happen. But when we believe things won’t happen the way we want them to, that's probably also going to come true. So, when you’re feeling less confident it’s a good idea to start praying.

Why pray though? Well your Angels want to help you make your dreams a reality. They really do want to answer all your prayers and make miracles happen. So when you pray to them for more confidence they’ll be all too happy to give it to you. Prayer also helps to strengthen your faith. And more faith means more confidence.

Plus prayers show your Angels that you actually mean business. If you pray long and hard enough about something and you don’t give up your Angels will see that it’s something you really want and they’ll help you to get closer to those prayers being answered.

So whenever you’re not feeling so confident you know you can pray to your Angels to help you get through. With these four techniques you’ll be able to make even your biggest dreams a reality. You have everything else you need to make those dreams come true and have your prayers answered. All you need is this little confidence boost and your Angels will make sure that you get everything you ask for.