Angel Number 183: Are You Taking This (1) Step?

A young lady was at her therapist. She had trouble with old friends that she no longer felt a strong connection to. Her therapist told her this little secret.

It can be healthy to slowly move away from friendships that no longer speak to who you are and to do so without drama. You don’t have to let people go completely. But you can spend less time in situations that no longer add value. You can take a step back from friendships that serve an older version of you.

And that’s what your Angels want you to start doing right now. Do you know what the lucky number is? It might be 183! This post will tell you more about what the lucky number means and how you can use it to your advantage. You can’t keep entertaining friends that drain you or make you feel toxic. Here are four steps to let go of old friends that no longer serve a good purpose in your life.

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Let Them Know You’re Moving On

When you’re sure you don’t want to be friends with someone anymore it’s very easy to think about ghosting them. That’s when you don’t answer their calls or texts and avoid them at all costs. But that’s also a very hurtful way to let go of someone that once meant so much to you.

There is a better way to break the news to them. And that’s by letting them know that you don’t want to be their friend anymore. This might be difficult. You might not think that letting them know you’re moving on is a good idea. That it will create a rift between you. But it’s much better than the alternative of ghosting them.

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Stop Engaging

Once you’ve let your old friend know that you no longer want to be friends with them it’s time to stop engaging with them. If you engage with them you’re just going to fall back into old patterns of behavior that you’re trying to get rid of. This is the hard part, because part of you is still going to want to stay in contact.

But this is when it’s time to take a step back and let the relationship fizzle out. This is when you shouldn’t answer their texts and calls. If they keep on trying to get in contact with you, make it very clear that you no longer want to be their friend and that they are causing you to fall back into bad habits.

If they were ever really your friend they’ll want what’s best for you and they’ll leave you alone. They’ll accept that the friendship is over. If they were a bad friend to begin with they’ll get offended and then you’ll know that the friendship was never meant to be in the first place.

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Don’t Talk About Them

The next step to letting go of old friends that no longer resonate with the person you want to become is to stop talking about them. If you really want to let go of someone you need to stop talking about them so that you can stop thinking about them and move on with your life.

This step is going to take some time. It’s going to take a lot of effort to stop talking about the person that’s played such a big role in your life. But remember that they aren’t going to be part of your future. They aren’t the type of person you want to associate with any more.

So allow yourself to let go of them in the real world as well as in your mind. The less you talk about them the less you’ll think about them and the more you will be able to grow in the ways you want to grow.

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Let New Friendships Blossom

As you’re letting go of your old friend it’s a good idea to start meeting new people. Look for groups or communities that share the same interests as you. You’re bound to meet someone that can take the spot of your old friend. But this new friend will be more in tune with the person you’re becoming instead of holding you back.

New friends are what your Angels want for you now. They want you to be able to grow and fulfill your life purpose the way you want to fulfill it. They need you to take a good look at the friends you’re currently spending time with to make sure that you aren’t letting yourself down by spending time with people that are holding you back.

In return they promise to bring new people into your life that will help you achieve new levels of success and fulfillment.