Angel Number 191

The Angel Number 191 is a combination of Angel Number 1, Angel Number 9 and Angel Number 1. That means this Angel Number is all about the one true spiritual gift that’s going to change your life for the better.

You were born with so many spiritual gifts. But there is only one that really counts. It’s the most important one. It’s the one that’s going to change your life and the lives of everyone that you meet. It’s the one thing that your Angels and God want you to focus on right now. That’s why they sent you this Angel Number today.

What is the gift that’s going to bring more abundance and meaning into your life? What is the one thing that can make you feel more alive and powerful than ever before? It’s Love. But that isn’t just any kind of love. This kind of Love is the same kind of Love that Jesus showed the world.

This kind of Love is accepting and generous and kind - to ALL people and experiences. It’s the most unconditional form of love. And if you don’t master it you’re going to miss out on this valuable opportunity to access your highest spiritual path. So here’s what to do when you’re feeling the opposite of Love.

When You’re Feeling Angry

It’s good to express your emotions. You already know that. When you’re angry you need to let it out. But letting your anger get the better of you, or even worse letting it make you start a fight, really isn’t going to help you. In fact it’s going to do the opposite of helping you. That’s why it’s important to learn how to express anger in healthy ways.

If you’re angry you shouldn’t take it out on people. What you can do is take it out on things. You can throw something soft at a wall for example. Something that releases tension but doesn’t break or hurt anything or anyone. A punching bag is another great way to get rid of anger. And once you get rid of the anger you’ll have a much clearer head to come to a compromise with the person that made you feel angry.

When You Resent Someone

Resentment happens when someone does something that you don’t agree with. Something that influences you negatively. It’s a very slippery emotion because it builds slowly over time. It doesn’t just come in a burst like anger. It creeps in like rot in an apple and takes its time to show up on the outside.

That’s why it’s important to be vigilant about resentment and understand it. When you start feeling bad feelings towards someone you need to stop and think to yourself. You need to think about what your Angels would want you to do in that situation. And you need to do that wholeheartedly.

When You’re Jealous

There’s an old rhyme that says jealousy makes you nasty. And it really does. It’s the opposite of Love and can make you act out of spite and vengeance. So how do you curb your jealousy? The first step is to understand why you’re jealous. You need to know what it is that’s making you feel the way you feel.

The next step is to find reassurance. The truth is that we only feel jealous when we think someone else is better than us. But the truth is that you are the best at being who you are. In other words you have nothing to be afraid of. Talking to a friend or loved one to get a bit of a confidence boost will also help. Just as long as you don’t let your pride get to you.

When You’re Hurt

When someone hurts your feelings it’s very easy to start resenting them or even to get jealous of them. Or maybe you’re one of those people that get angry. It all depends on your own set of behaviors and the experiences that shaped you as a child.

But the only reason you’re feeling any of those other emotions is because you aren’t accepting the fact that you’ve been hurt. You don’t want to be hurt. Because when you embrace the pain you’re feeling you’re going to cry and look like a big baby. But that’s when you need to allow yourself to cry. That’s exactly when you need to show your inner child some compassion.

When You’re Scared

All of these emotions boil down to one base emotion and that’s being scared. When you’re jealous you’re scared that someone else is better than you. When you’re angry you’re scared that your inner child is going to get hurt. And when you’re hurt you’re scared that your pain won’t go away.

But whenever you’re scared you can pray to your Angels. They will be there to show you Love and compassion. They will be there to help you find happiness and joy again. Trust that you are Loved and Love will flow through you to everyone and everything around you.