Angel Number 98

The Angel Number 98 is a combination of Angel Number 9 and Angel Number 8. That means this Angel Number is all about receiving rewards for ascending to a new level of consciousness. You’re about to be rewarded for your ability to stay focused on your Divine Purpose and make major changes in your own life as well as the lives of others.

But before you get those rewards you need to become aware that you still need to stay focused on your spiritual journey. You can’t lose focus now. You need to keep spreading love and joy even as you get rewarded for your efforts. Learn about the lucky number 98, which is also known as “number of heaven.” This article shares some interesting facts and lessons on what it means to have this special number in your life.

That means as much clarity, fulfillment and wealth as you’re about to receive you still need to keep on sharing your loving light with the world. You still need to keep on being there for others and showing them how they can overcome adversity and trauma in their own lives. You need to keep being that guiding light even as you get rewarded.

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Right now you need to focus on staying focused. You’ve come very far in your own spiritual journey but you still have a ways to go. Part of your Divine Purpose at this time is to spread the message of light and love. You need to help others overcome their own trauma and move closer to their own Divine Purpose.

To do that you can’t become complacent. You can’t stop your work as a lightworker. You have a special gift and your Angels want you to keep using it. If you don’t you won’t be as greatly rewarded as you would be if you keep on spreading love and joy to everyone around you.

The more you can spread love and joy the more fulfilled you will be and the more you will be able to move from a lacking or survival mindset to one that is based on thriving and getting the most out of life. You need to focus on what’s truly important in life, otherwise any success that you reach or rewards that you reap will only bring temporary satisfaction.

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Your Angels want to help you learn a very important lesson right now. They want to help you learn that it’s important to keep sharing your gifts with others. Whether those are your spiritual gifts or the abundance you’re about to receive, it’s very important that you keep on sharing everything you have with those you come into contact with.

The more you share the more doors will open for you. Your Angels are sending the right people to you at the right time. There are a lot of opportunities hidden in seemingly normal interactions right now. So be on the lookout for people you can help in your own special way. It’s part of your Divine purpose to share your gifts at the moment.

Another part of your Divine purpose right now is to help others through their trauma. This means that you need to keep on being compassionate and open about the trauma and adversity you’ve faced in your own life. A loving conversation with someone who is hurting will go a very long way towards showing your Angels that you are definitely on the humble road.

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Overall things are about to become miraculous for you. During this phase of your life you have faced a lot of ups and downs. You’ve needed to dig deep to heal from your traumas and you’re about to be rewarded for your efforts. But before you reach that bliss that comes from doing a job well you need to learn one last lesson.

That’s the lesson of true compassion. You need to stay humble regardless of what you’ve accomplished. Letting your ego become too big right now will only keep you from seeing the opportunities and possibilities your Angels have lined up for you. You need to show them that you won’t let any rewards they have lined up for you go to your head.

So it’s very important that you stay focused on your Divine Purpose right now. And for the most part that includes helping other trauma survivors get through their own personal traumas. Soon you’ll go from a survival mentality to one where you can truly thrive. But before you get there you need to make sure that you won’t let any of your past habits stand in the way of your ability to manifest abundance for yourself. And one of those past habits is to let your wins turn you into a selfish person. So work hard on staying humble and grateful for what you already have.