Prayers to Forgive Someone

Prayer for Confessions of Sins

Prayer for Confessions of Sins

I lay before you my regret, my heartache and my guilt.

Dear Lord,

I have sinned, and I come to you to ask for eternal forgiveness.

As you acknowledge this prayer, may you seek in me a new light and a cleansed soul so that I can move forward and hold this lesson dear to me.

I pray before you today, forgiving those who have wronged me in the past and I ask for the same grace from you.

I bow to you, and fall on my knees as I repent. Long have I been a believer in all that you teach us, and I have failed you, Heavenly Father. 

I pay the penalty for the sins that are rightly mine before you, God, and I ask that forgiveness be obtained by grace through my faith in you.

May each person I have wronged know that I carry the faith within me to heal and become a better person.

Lord, I ask you to repent my sins and forgive all wrongdoing.