Prayers to Forgive Someone

Prayer to be a Better Person

Prayer to be a Better Person

Prayer can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Asking for guidance, strength, and forgiveness can help us to let go of negative patterns and behaviours and focus on making positive changes in our lives.

Dear Lord,

As my prayers are answered by you, I ask you to turn to me and see how I have upset those who matter.

See my fault and understand that I mean no harm to others.

My heart is struggling to forgive myself for the pain I caused others and I ask you to open yours to me and help them forgive me.

Help them let go of any bitterness they may feel toward me and grant them the strength to trust me once more.

Lord, I believe your love for me, and us all, is endless. Help me be a better person, friend and lover.

I seek in you the means to drive myself to a better, more loyal place under your teachings of wisdom and grace, and that I shall not hurt a soul again.

Reaching out and ensuring we are united in our faith of you is something that means a great deal to me. I am responsible for their pain, and I ask you to support them in their forgiveness.