Prayers to Forgive Someone

Prayer to have Mercy for Someone

Prayer to have Mercy for Someone

As humans, we all make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes hurt the people around us and leave them feeling wounded and resentful. In these situations, prayer can be a powerful tool for seeking forgiveness and mercy.

Dear Lord,

You open your arms to us in times of need. We sink into those arms as helpless followers of your faith, and I ask you today to open the arms of those needing to forgive so that they can lead lives of peace. 

As they embrace the concept of forgiveness, allow them to reflect on how good it feels to do so and to provide their lives with the enriching teachings of your own messages.

Holding onto pain is like holding on to something that no longer serves us, and that pain can turn to bitterness.

Help those who need to forgive do so and grant them the forgiveness to live freely.

Lord, I pray to those holding on to resentment. Bless them with a lighter load and see that the anger they are holding on to has nowhere to go.

Show them the light and allow their faith to be restored, with the understanding that nobody is perfect.

In your name,