Your House Was Built On A Sacred Site

Your House Was Built On A Sacred Site

You definitely must have heard the phrase "location, location, location?" While it's often associated with real estate, the location of your home can also impact the energy within. In some cases, it may even be the cause of electronic malfunctions and other strange occurrences.

If you suspect that your house was built on a burial ground or sacred site, you may be experiencing spiritual disturbances that are manifesting through your electrical appliances.

Many cultures believe that the location of a building can have a profound impact on the energy within. For example, ancient cultures would perform divination rituals to determine the most auspicious location for a new building.

In some cases, a building would be placed on top of a sacred site or burial ground, which was believed to imbue the building with powerful energy. However, if a building was constructed on a site that was not appropriate, it could lead to negative energy and spiritual disturbances.

If your home was built on a burial ground or sacred site, it's possible that the spiritual energy from the past is still present and interfering with your electronic devices. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including flickering lights, appliances turning on and off, or even complete electrical failures.

One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the belief that spirits have a strong connection to the land they were buried on or sacred sites they inhabited. It's believed that the energy from the spirits can interfere with the electrical energy within your home, causing malfunctions and disturbances.

Historical Accounts of Homes Built on Sacred Sites and Burial Grounds

Throughout history, people have built their homes on land that holds great significance to previous generations. This land may have been used for spiritual or cultural practices, or it may have been a burial ground for ancestors.

Building on these sites has been common practice for many centuries, with some cultures even believing that it brings good luck or blessings to their home.

However, building on these sacred sites and burial grounds may have unintended consequences. These areas hold a lot of spiritual energy, and when disturbed, they can release negative energy that can affect the homes built on them. This negative energy can manifest in a variety of ways, including electrical malfunctions in the home.

In some cases, people who have built their homes on these sites have reported strange occurrences, such as unexplained sounds or objects moving on their own. Others have reported feelings of unease or even fear while in certain areas of the house.

These experiences can be unsettling, and it is important to understand the history of your home and its land in order to address any issues that may arise.

Methods for Clearing and Cleansing Negative Energy from Your Home

Clearing and cleansing negative energy from your home is important to maintain a healthy and peaceful environment. If you suspect that your home was built on a sacred site or burial ground and it is affecting your electrical appliances, there are several actionable methods that you can use to clear and cleanse negative energy from your home:


Smudging is a traditional practice in many cultures that involves burning herbs such as sage, palo santo, or cedar and using the smoke to purify and cleanse the home.

To perform smudging, light the herb bundle and allow the smoke to fill the room, focusing on the corners and areas where negative energy may be concentrated. As the smoke fills the space, visualize it removing any negative energy and replacing it with positive energy.


Salt is a powerful cleansing agent and can be used to create a protective barrier around the home. Simply sprinkle salt around the perimeter of the home, paying special attention to doorways and windows. As you sprinkle the salt, visualize it forming a protective barrier that repels negative energy and prevents it from entering the home.


Certain crystals, such as black tourmaline, can absorb negative energy and are believed to be powerful protectors. To use crystals to cleanse your home, place them in the areas where negative energy may be concentrated, such as corners or near electrical appliances. As the crystals absorb negative energy, be sure to cleanse and recharge them regularly to maintain their effectiveness.

Feng shui

Feng shui is the practice of arranging the home to create a harmonious environment that promotes positive energy flow. This can involve rearranging furniture, adding certain elements to the home, or using specific colors and materials to enhance the energy in the space. Consult a feng shui expert or study feng shui principles to optimize your home's energy flow.