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What is an oracle card, and what is the best card for you?

What is an oracle card, and what is the best card for you?div image

Oracle is a Latin word that means to speak. It is a divine insight to know what will happen in the future. This insightful message was uttered by a person. In ancient times this person was called the prophet. Some people believe that this person could communicate with deities. In our time, the most popular known person believed to have this kind of gift is the Astrologer Nostradamus.
And as time passed by, an oracle card was created. It is a tool that will help you to know about your future. Or it will help and guide us on what to expect.

Its origin
Oracle cards were uncommon in this era. But when you say the word tarot, almost everybody is familiar with it. But then, these cards recently became popular. And it is said that the oracle and tarot are cousins.
Its origin is unclear. But according to historians, the first oracle card can be dated way back to the 19th century in France. It was created by a professional fortune-teller Marie Anne Le Normand. And now a lot of oracle cards have been created and become popular.
Did you know that in the bible, it is said that there are also different kinds of oracles? Yes, there is. And the oracle card belongs to the wisdom oracle because of its characteristics. Yes! Oracle cards give you insightful wisdom about what will happen and what to expect in your future.

The characteristic
Unlike tarot cards, you can use them every day, and they can be used by anyone and anywhere. It is used to offer you guidance and direction to help in your daily life. Its structure is flexible. It can have any content, any number of cards, and any forms. The composition of the deck depends on the author of the deck.
Oracle card decks are easier to navigate and understand compared to tarot cards. You can also personalize it, you can make your cards too, and angels are its popular theme.
It is used to give detailed insight and spiritual guidance. The wisdom offered by this card is beneficial in your day-to-day life. And manifesting it is so helpful too.
So, use this card as your tool to achieve more success. Purchase one now. But, because of the advancement of technology. There are now different kinds of oracle cards that you can use. And it is accessible in the online world. So, you can download some if you want. But to have possession of the physical card is better. So that you will feel and experience the full potential of its reading.

How to use it

Before doing anything else it is important to put your energy into them. While holding your card, mend it then tap your spiritual energy and let it flow through you and your deck. Make a connection. Think that you and your deck are one body and soul.
You can shuffle the cards in anything you want while thinking about your question. Use your intuition to select your card once you are ready. Flip or open the card, then observe the images and messages. Connect your intuition with your card and gain your understanding of the deck. Then, you can pull more cards, like, three more cards, to ask more about your query. Or you can also have one card reading a day.
This divination tool uses intuition to choose and pull a card. The best thing about this is it has no structure on how to use it.
You can use the card spread for a tarot reading, too, if you want. It doesn't matter what kind of spread you will do. What is essential is always to use your intuition in communicating with your cards.
Unlike the tarot deck, this card is easier to use because its meaning is written on the card. You don't need to memorize some things. All the wisdom messages are easy to understand.
Having a good connection with your card will give you a better understanding of your deck. Understand the meaning of your deck until such time that you created your insights about them. Then, you will be the oracle itself rather than the user of the oracle.

What card is best for you?

So, in purchasing your oracle deck, you should know what cards are there. What answers do you want to know? Then choose wisely what card you feel best resonates with you.
What is the best card for you? It is the one that you can easily understand the meaning of the answers in your life and stimulate your imagination. So, choose wisely. Below is a list of some Oracle cards and some ideas about them. Learn about them and choose the best that resonates with you.

Work your Light Oracle Card.
The author is Yasmin Boland.  It has a guidebook and a 44-card deck. If you are using the moon to manifest, then this is for you. This card is divided into 4 phases, the moon phase card, the new moon cards, the full moon cards, and the special moon cards.
This card is used to deepen your relationship with your soul. It is suitable for your spiritual practice. By using your spirit to connect it to the source of everything. Another great thing about this card is you can use it too, to do readings for other people. So, if you want to establish a deeper connection and intuition between you and your spiritual soul this card is the best for you.

The Moonology Oracle Card
The author is Rebecca Campbell. It has a 44-card deck with a guidebook. It has five suits. The confirmation card, action card, inquiry card, activation card, and transmission card. It is a beautiful deck with fabulous pastel colors, positive energy, and spiritual messages.
If your spiritual energy is drawn to the magical powers of the moon, then this is the best card for you. And if you are a person who prefers to seek lunar guidance or you are more drawn to the energy of the moon this suits you. The card will bring preparedness, comfort, and foresight to your inquiries.

The Starseed Oracle Card
The author of this is Rebecca Campbell. It has a 53-card deck with a guide book too. This card is created for all souls who are curious about the mystery of the unknown and human experiences. This deck focuses on your soul's purpose in your lifetime. It is very imagery, so if you prefer imagery to interpret its meanings, this is the best card for you.
And if you are a person who is so interested in the powers of the unknown. And if there is a feeling inside you telling you that you are not from the earth. A certain feeling that you are an old soul who experienced other dimensions like other planets. This deck is the best for you.