Small Angel and Small Boat Coffee Cup Reading

Small Angel and Small Boat Coffee Cup Reading

Small Angel

Small Angel: in Five Words

  • Learning
  • Introspection
  • Beginnings
  • Tranquility
  • Love

Small Angel Meaning

A small angel symbol in a coffee cup reading represents a new beginning, and to be guided toward it with purity and guidance. When you find this image in your coffee grounds, it is the beginning of a fresh start on your horizon. It is a sign that you are embarking on a journey that will change the way you feel about yourself forever. Perhaps you are sick of feeling shy or not confident enough - but it seems all that is about to change.

An angel that is smaller than you might be used to or have seen before also conveys the importance of learning to be patient, and to let you know that kindness and loving qualities are often associated with the traits an angel can have. You love to learn and take things slowly, and you treat each experience with kindness as much as you treat others with compassion. Loving a peaceful and tranquil approach to life, you love what you do, and you love to dream about what is possible too.

Starting again is a central theme tied to the symbolism of the small angel. At its core, the small angel wants you to let go of past burdens and embark on a path of renewal. Understanding those opportunities are there to help you learn from your experiences is all part of the growth process and treat yourself with respect.

Small Boat

Small Boat in Five Words:

  • Wishes
  • Hopes
  • Dreams
  • Goals
  • Apprehension

Small Boat Meaning

The small boat symbolizes you, standing at the dock of a bay, staring out into the vast ocean, wondering where your dreams can take you. You watch the bigger boats set sail, knowing where they are going and what they want, but you don’t feel quite ready to do so yourself, even though your body is filled with wishes. You have set your sights on destinations of personal achievement and fulfillment, and you are starting small, but it might take a little time to get there. However, the uncertainty that accompanies the small boat suggests that, despite your enthusiasm, you may find yourself unsure of how to get started.

Whilst the boat may be small, it has every chance of succeeding in its travels in rough waters. It is all about the knowledge and skill of the person steering this - so if you are confident and plan, you won’t hit the choppy waters you are perhaps fearing you will. Be apprehensive - but use that apprehension to guide you safely, rather than prevent you altogether from doing what you are dreaming of.

Small Angel and Small Boat Together

The pairing of the small angel and small boat together is all about starting something new, and perhaps being a little uncertain as to your level of ability. This doesn’t mean that you have no ability, it simply means you must keep going to get better and gain more confidence. This is a journey that is not only about pursuing your dreams but also about personal growth and renewal. The small angel's message of starting again, learning patience, kindness, and love connects well, and quite spiritually with the boat's call for courage as it begins its journey.

This combination urges you to acknowledge that both the journey and the destination are equally important, after all, it isn’t about getting somewhere, it is about how you will get there and what you’ll learn along the way. Embrace the unknown - because fearing it will only stunt your growth. Drawing upon the qualities of patience and kindness highlighted by the angel will allow the boat symbol to remind you of that. Like any voyage, your dreams may encounter challenges and the odd storm, but with perseverance and a hopeful spirit, you can get to where you need to be.

Today’s Action

Today is a call to make a promise to yourself. For all the times you have said, “I’ll do that tomorrow,” you are finally at tomorrow, and you are still not taking any action. To get as far as you had hoped, you are going to need to keep the promise that enough is enough and you don’t want or need to keep hold of any old habits. Let them die, and as they do, start all over again. It’s never too late.

Small Angel and Small Boat Affirmation

I love my life, and I love the opportunities that come with each new day.

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