Use The Power and Symbolization of a Small Axe to Help You Speak Your Mind

Use The Power and Symbolization of a Small Axe to Help You Speak Your Mind

Small Axe in Five Words:

  • Bravery
  • Conciseness
  • Awareness
  • Advocation
  • Liberation

Your Coffee Reading - A Small Axe:

Your coffee cup will show:

  • A small axe in the coffee grounds
  • Turned upside down or the right way

Meaning of a Small Axe:

When the symbol of a small axe appears in a coffee cup reading, it signals a dire need to speak up in a professional setting. There are certain communication barriers that have gotten the better of you lately, but now you are being asked to speak up in a manner that could save your skin. Express your thoughts and ideas, and concerns at work will begin to disperse. This might be during meetings, simple discussions, or collaborations you are amid - either way - you are being told that your voice holds value and can shape the direction of your career.

Be Empowered

The small axe symbolizes empowerment, especially in situations where you need to stand up for yourself. Assert your boundaries and advocate for your rights, because it seems as though nobody else is doing this at the moment. Whether it's in personal relationships or within the context of your professional life, you need to be assertive and advocate for your needs and desires before it’s too late.

There is Resilience Within You

The small axe serves as a reminder of your innate resilience, as the axe itself uses this same natural tactic to cut through the thickest of wood. You have the capacity to overcome challenges and to acknowledge your strength and ability to adapt to adversity. You need to face challenges head on and embrace the growth that comes from challenges.

Start Setting Boundaries for Your Own Good

Discovering the symbol of a small axe in your coffee cup reading also touches upon the importance of setting boundaries by learning to say no. Discern your priorities and allocate your time and energy wisely, because constantly saying yes is only going to make you look as though you will do anything for others to the detriment of your own sanity. Saying no when necessary is not a sign of weakness, but a testament to yourself care and assertiveness.

Use The Power and Symbolization of a Small Axe to Help You Speak Your Mind

Position of a Small Axe in Coffee Cup:

Your fate is in the hands of the position of the small axe. Where does it sit in your coffee cup for you?

Near Handle

Near Handle

You should delegate responsibilities or challenges to your superiors or mentors and reach out to are more experienced and authoritative. Seeking guidance or assistance from your seniors can lead to effective problem solving and growth within your professional sphere, and it takes pressure off you.


It’s time to set boundaries between your work and personal life and detach from work related stress when you step outside the workplace. Maintaining a healthy work and life balance is essential for your overall happiness and fulfillment, but only you can do it.


You're feeling uninspired by your job. The coffee cup reading prompts you to reflect on your passions and consider ways to infuse creativity into your work. Whether it's seeking new challenges or exploring innovative approaches, rekindle your inspiration and breathe new life into your career.


Discovering the small axe at the bottom of the cup speaks to the idea of embarking on a side project to reignite your enthusiasm and zest for life. Positioned at the foundation of the cup, any type of venture into a personal project outside of your regular work commitments can infuse your life with fresh energy. Explore your interests and hobbies and consider how starting a side endeavor can bring new perspectives and excitement into your life.

Small Axe Summary:

The small axe symbol offers insights that empower you to navigate the complexities of modern life and how simple choices can change everything. This appearance, whether it's about speaking up at work, standing up for yourself, building resilience, or learning to say no, is going to guide you toward a path of empowerment and authenticity, and as you engage with these interpretations, remember that you need to continue to embrace your strength, advocate for your needs, as this beautiful world brimming with possibilities is awaiting for involvement, and it knows you have so much to give.

Small Axe Affirmation:

This is just the beginning. I am just the beginning.

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