Small Candle with Broken Boat Coffee Cup Reading

Small Candle with Broken Boat Coffee Cup Reading

Small Candle

Small Candle: in Five Words

  • Healing
  • Processes
  • Slow
  • Steady
  • Recovery

Small Candle Meaning

In a coffee cup reading, a small candle symbolizes the need to take things slowly and steadily. Thinking about what you do before you do it will ensure you recover well at the end if each day. Right now, it is about approaching life with patience and mindfulness, taking each day as it comes and being truly in the present moment. Remember - the journey to your goals is as important as the destination itself.

The small candle's presence is a sign of recovery from past pain. Just as a candle brings light to dispel darkness, this symbol suggests that you are emerging from a period of difficulty and healing. It's a call to biding your time and not getting carried away with yourself. People can sometimes become too bigheaded, but the beauty of you now is that you are simply doing what you need to do, and nothing more.

The small candle lets you know that you are comfortable with the idea of being steadfast in your journey. You remain dedicated and committed to your path, even when faced with obstacles - and those obstacles seem to be people wanting to cause trouble.

Broken Boat

Broken Boat: in Five Words

  • Struggles
  • Frustration
  • Loneliness
  • Challenges
  • Adversity

Broken Boat Meaning

A broken boat symbolizes facing immense challenges and adversity. You have seemingly been left abandoned, and you're looking around to see if anyone else is with you, but they don't seem to be. A broken boat cannot sail smoothly, so this symbol represents the difficulties and hurdles that you have encountered or are currently experiencing. It's a recognition of the burdens that may be weighing on you, and you are not feeling peaceful.

The broken boat's presence speaks to feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction with both you and others. It's as if you aren't in control of who you see and let in. Who you tell your deepest, darkest secrets should be your circle of trust and not just anybody. Your discontentment with your circumstances and the interactions around you have finally caught up with you, and you are calling out for a true friend, but you're being greeted by silence.

As you might have gathered, the broken boat suggests the need for repair and refurbishment. This is more than just patching up a crack or break, this is a real chance to give up on those who have given up on you and find a new circle of friends. Even in the face of difficulties, there is potential for healing and restoration with the right time and focus.

Small Candle and Broken Boat Together

The combination of these symbols highlights the importance of perseverance after someone has hurt you. The small candle calls on you to remain patient as you delete numbers, and call those who have truly missed you. Healing from past pain and taking things slowly can aid you in overcoming the difficulties symbolized by the broken boat.

Whilst the broken boat shows you the challenges you are encountering, the contrasting presence of the small candle offers hope - that there is light even in the darkest moments. By approaching your friendship issue with your values in your hand, you can mend the broken parts of your vessel and continue sailing towards people who really want to be around you and who love you for who you are.

The combination of the small candle and broken boat represents resilience blended with new beginnings. They want you to acknowledge the friends you've lost whilst remaining confident that the problem wasn't you. Use the candle to light your way, so that you can start to repair your broken boat, and ultimately emerge stronger and wiser on the other side.

Today’s Action

You have been faced with challenges in your personal life, and it has drawn the attention of others to you, wondering how you will get out of this rut you are in.

Today you are bound to be contacted by those people. How are you, what are you doing to cope, when are you going to get moving again - but it isn't up to them. This is your time to switch off, run a bath and think about nothing. This is easily done if you are strict with your care routine and don't cave to the texts received or calls to check your social media.

Small Candle and Broken Boat Affirmation

I can switch off and give myself permission to rest, heal and be well again.

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