Too Much Too Soon, and not Enough Time for Real Work

Pig on its Back in Five Words:

  • Excessiveness
  • Distraction
  • Neglect
  • Blindness
  • Arrogance

Your Coffee Reading - A Pig on its Back:

Your coffee cup will show:

  • A pig laying on its back, possibly with feet in the air in the coffee grounds
  • Turned upside down or the right way.

Meaning of a Pig Laying Down:

Meaning of a Pig on its Back:

The image of a pig on its back within a coffee cup is a cautionary reminder of the consequences of excessive indulgence and the willingness to waste time. The oblivious pig revels in a state of contentment, which forces you to find yourself engrossed in fleeting pleasures that distract you from more meaningful pursuits. You are tempted to immerse yourself in leisure activities, even to the point of neglecting responsibilities and opportunities to learn about yourself.

Blinded by Your Gluttony

Why are you turning a blind eye to your problems or shortcomings? Flipping over and ignoring what is going on around you is going to do you no favors at all, it will just mean you become blinded to your own issues when you choose not to confront them. Ignoring your challenges or opportunities to grow only leads to stagnation and missed chances for improvement.

The World Does Not Revolve Around You

You are seeing life through a currently self-centered perspective—one where you truly believe the world owes you a favor, and that it revolves around you. You appear seemingly oblivious to your surroundings but have become consumed by your own desires and thoughts - disregarding everyone else. You now need to think about how your actions and attitudes impact those around you. Are you mindful of others' needs and perspectives, or do you merely exist in a bubble of self-importance?

Too Much Too Soon, and not Enough Time for Real Work

Position of a Pig on its Back in Coffee Cup:

Your fate is in the hands of the pig on its back. Where does it sit in your coffee cup for you?

Near Handle

You are being lax in your financial responsibilities. Being in control of your finances is essential for a stable life, so the need to grasp and manage your financial obligations effectively is crucial. What are you doing about it other than wasting your time doing nothing and hoping it will sort itself out?


This position aligns with the idea of professional missteps and getting into trouble at work. There could be exposure to a situation that might lead to challenges in the workplace, so think hard about how you handle professional conflicts, misunderstandings, or errors that occur under your watch. If you seek solutions and learn from your experiences, you will ensure that your colleagues maintain their trust in you.


Memory lapses and forgetting essential tasks are at the center of the meaning of seeing a pig on its back in the middle of the coffee cup. You are right in the middle of neglecting tasks, and sooner or later you will be so far behind that people are going to literally ditch you for someone more efficient and grateful. Our memory holds pivotal information we need to function effectively, so use it to consider how you manage your tasks and commitments.


Your ego is out of this world. Laying like this at the bottom of the cup is a sign that you have become so distracted that you are now unbothered by the consequences. This is egotism at its finest, and your self-centered outlook is going to leave you with nothing if you aren’t careful. Your attitude and behavior shape the foundation of your interactions with the world, and it's time to ask yourself if they are rooted in healthy choices.

Pig on its Back Summary:

In a coffee cup reading, the pig on its back encourages you to realize what you are doing to yourself - as well as other people. If you are neglecting something or someone, you are going to lose it. The problem is that the pig assumes he will never lose anything because he is far too important to be left with nothing. This is heavily inaccurate and will be your eventual downfall if you continue to live this way, so it is time to watch out.

Pig on its Back Affirmation:

I have been blinded by the light, but now I am starting to see the light.

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