Small Pig and Butterfly on a Flower Cup Reading

Small Pig

Small Pig: in Five Words

  • Stubbornness
  • Hiding
  • Unlikeable
  • Annoying
  • Unsympathetic

Small Pig Meaning

The small pig's appearance in a coffee cup reading is an open door to your own negative traits. It reveals itself when you have become too unlikeable in your workplace - and where you are supposed to be helping people and giving them encouragement, you are instead mocking them and making them feel small. Pigs are known to be persistent and sometimes intrusive creatures, so this proves you are relentless in your quest to put others to shame and embarrass them where you can. This persistence and annoyance or frustration needs to be addressed before you land yourself in a whole heap of trouble.

Pigs are also known for their stubbornness, but the small pig is like the little brother - annoying and inexperienced in life. The image of a small pig appears when there is a reluctance to accept help, to even accept that you are the problem. You might then want to address your attitude towards giving and receiving help, and to ensure that your actions are guided by genuine concern rather than the secret desire to see others fail.

Pigs are creatures that sometimes enjoy wallowing in mud or hiding from view. In a coffee cup reading, the presence of a small pig suggests a strong tendency to retreat or hide from certain situations or people. If that is because you have said your piece and have stepped back to watch the damage, then be prepared for that to eventually backfire on you. There are aspects of life that you cannot avoid, but instead of facing them like a grown up, you seem to be making excuses, and have become that small pig needing shelter.

Butterfly on a Flower

Butterfly on a Flower: in Five Words

  • Beauty
  • Image
  • Elegance
  • Transformation
  • Beginnings

Butterfly on a Flower Meaning

The presence of a butterfly on a flower in a coffee cup reading offers a profound transformation that you are truly seeing the beauty of. This could be a time of shedding old habits, and creating positive circumstances for you by embracing a fresh chapter of growth and change that has evolved naturally without pressure or force.

The butterfly's journey from its chrysalis to its flight represents an opportunity to embrace a completely new version of oneself. Once it takes flight and settles on a flower, it is doing the very thing it was born to do. You are open to new experiences, and seeing different perspectives as healthy and helpful in shaping the identities of those you know. It's certainly a call to explore uncharted territories, which you can now do with your gifted wings.

The butterfly's presence on a flower speaks to the appreciation of beauty. Seeing what sweet nectar, it can gather means it is giving itself a chance to admire the beauty and intricacy of the flower whilst gaining energy and strength. This is a testament to your own inner and outer beauty, proving that you are elegant enough to be true to your morals. It prompts an examination of how you perceive yourself and how you project that beauty onto the world.

Small Pig and Butterfly on a Flower Together

When the symbols of a small pig and a butterfly on a flower combine in a coffee cup reading, the small pig's annoyance and stubbornness is totally contrasted by the butterfly's transformative potential. This combination shows a need to overcome persistent obstacles or attitudes that are stopping you from seeing the beauty around you. Ignorance is not bliss.

The idea of the small pig's tendency to hide when viewed alongside the butterfly's embracing of change allows you to forget about the old you, and try to build a newer, more improved version.

Today’s Action

It's hard to admit that you're the solution to the problems you're causing. It seems too easy, doesn't it? You create the issue and expect everyone else to fix them for you, but today you are learning (finally) that no good comes of this.

The part of you that you need to work on today is that your excuses have worn thin, and people are no longer buying them. Be remorseful, but also be believable, and you will win back some of your good character.

A Small Pig and Butterfly on a Flower Affirmation

I am able to see the beauty within me without my Ego expanding to the point where I forget myself.

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