Bear & Clover

Bear & Clover
Bear #15

Bear Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Nurturing
  • Protective
  • Stability
  • Finances
  • Authority

Bear Meaning

The Bear symbolizes nurturing qualities in Lenormand, especially motherly instincts. It may represent a strong, caring, and protective figure in your life or your own instincts to care for others. If this sounds like you, there is always time for rest, even when you love what you do.

In more financial matters, Bear can signify financial stability and abundance, which signals good news for you as a potential pay rise or promotion may be looming in your near future. You are financially secure and capable of making wise investments, so you will love to know that more money is likely heading your way to really bring your bank balance up. This almost feels like a test, to remind you to be cautious and avoid overindulgence or reckless spending.

Bears provide a sense of protection and support. It indicates that you have someone in your life who cares deeply for you and has your best interests at the center of their heart. It can also suggest seeking support from authoritative or wise figures, especially when it comes to investing your money properly.

Clover #2

Clover Lenormand: The Card in Five Words

  • Luck
  • Happiness
  • Fortune
  • Positivity
  • Optimism

Clover Meaning

The Clover card is a symbol of luck and serendipitous occurrences, so that fortunate level of good luck you have been hoping for can and likely will happen soon, when you least expect it. Clover indicates that fortunate events will come your way, often unexpectedly, bringing positive changes to your life, and perhaps even making a few personal wishes come true.

Clover is all about opportunities that present themselves, and how they impact your life. It's a sign that you should keep your eyes open for potential openings and be ready to seize them when they arise, because they certainly won’t hang around forever. Sometimes, you can get stuck trying to decide where to go or what to do, but Clover is by your side willing to give the best result.

The Clover card encourages you to maintain a positive outlook on life. It suggests that your optimism and positive attitude can attract good luck, but this is also down to you, and how badly you want something. It sometimes isn’t enough to simply wish, you need to strive and strategically plan for goals to be achieved. Now is the time.

Bear & Clover

Bear and Clover Together

The Bear represents strength, power, and financial matters. When combined with the Clover card, it suggests that there may be positive financial opportunities, or a stroke of luck related to money and investments. This could be a time when your financial situation improves, and you might receive unexpected financial gains or support, especially involving the coming together of financial ideas.

The Bear can also symbolize authority figures or a boss, and when paired with the Clover, it might indicate that your hard work and dedication will be finally recognized and rewarded. You may have a chance to impress superiors and make strides in your career.

The combination of Bear and Clover can represent a boost in your confidence and self-assurance too, which can attract even more luck and positive outcomes. Trust in your abilities and take calculated risks as luck will be firmly on your side.


Bear is represented in numerology as card number 15.
Clover is represented by the number 2.

The Number 8

In numerology, the number 8 is believed to represent karmic lessons related to power, money, and achievement. You may encounter challenges and obstacles in these areas, which are opportunities for personal growth and understanding of why you keep making the same mistakes over and over.

You are practical, organized, and have a strong sense of responsibility, capable of handling complex situations and managing resources effectively. This shows great promise in any project you want to start and shows that it will likely be very successful.

You possess strong leadership qualities and often find yourself in positions of authority. You have a natural ability to take charge and make important decisions, which is where you feel most comfortable.

Today’s Action

Listen to your heart today, as there may be clashes in your mind about what the best course of action is. If you see a shortcut, don’t take it. Instead try to view progress as slow and steady, and you will succeed.

Bear and Clover Affirmation

I know my limits, but I also know that I am dedicated to the cause.

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