Angel Number 189

The Angel Number 189 is a combination of Angel Number 1, Angel Number 8 and Angel Number 9. That means this Angel Number is all about reaching the ultimate level of whatever you’ve been working towards. This is it. It’s time to make or break your dreams.

Yes it is. This is the moment you have been waiting for. You’ve spent so long working towards this goal of yours and right now your Angels want you to know that your hard work and determination are about to pay off. You’re going to get everything you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Success will be yours.

But there’s something else you need to know. Something that very few people get to experience. You’re about to go through a spiritual awakening too. You’re about to ascend to one of the highest levels of spirituality. The question is, will you be able to stay in that higher state of consciousness?

Or will you fall back into old patterns of belief? Will you let the snakes of uncertainty get the better of you? Those slithering thoughts that keep you stuck in a negative mindset and keep you from manifesting abundance. Your Angels are very worried that you might not see the snake until it’s too late. So that’s why they want you to remember these sacred truths.

You Are A Unique Gift

There is no one else like you. You are the only person on this planet that is the way you are. But there are snakes out there in the world that want to tempt you. They want to rob you by biting you and pumping you full of venomous thoughts and feelings. And it’s those snakes that you need to use your spiritual powers against right now.

If you don’t you’re going to get bitten and you’re going to miss out on this valuable opportunity to manifest everything you want in your life. But what are those venomous thoughts the snake is going to pump into your brain? It’s laziness and the idea that you aren’t good enough to deserve the things your Angels have in store for you.

But your Angels want you to remember that you are a unique gift to this world. You have a purpose and a path that you need to follow. You are the only one that can fulfill your Divine Purpose.

Your Thoughts And Ideas Count

Once you realize that you are a unique gift to this planet you will start to realize that your thoughts count. This sacred truth is very important while you’re avoiding the snakes that can hold you back right now.

Imagine a boa constrictor. They squeeze the life right out of you. They are the ones that make you believe that your thoughts and ideas aren’t worth it. That it’s better to keep quiet and let other people take charge.

But the truth of the matter is that right now you’re about to have some of the best ideas of your life. Those ideas are what’s going to help you achieve that goal you’ve been working so hard to achieve. So make sure you take a moment and listen to yourself.

There Is Nothing You Cannot Achieve

To fight off those snakes that might get in the way of your dreams you need to make sure that you believe in yourself. You need to believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

In this case people can be just as poisonous as your own thoughts. They can become a nightmare if you aren’t careful. So right now your Angels want you to focus on what’s really important. And that’s achieving your goal.

The more you focus on achieving your goal the more the snakes around you that don’t want you to achieve anything will melt away. You’ll be like a burning flame as you ascend and allow the miracles your Angels have in store for you to manifest around you.

Let God Guide You

It won’t be easy. You’re going to be tempted to listen to those snakes even if you have the best of intentions. But that’s when you need to make sure that you’re allowing God to guide you.

God has the ability to help you find your way even if you’re stuck in a pit of snakes. He will keep you safe and grounded in the truth that you are doing the best you can, and that is enough.

Pray For Help

All you need to do is pray for His guidance. You will be able to feel your Angels fight off the snakes. But you will also have to believe wholeheartedly that you are being taken care of otherwise it won’t work.

Snakes are slippery creatures. They’ll do anything to get to their prey and right now you are it. So make sure that when you feel those doubts and fears creep in you stop and remember these sacred truths.

Pray as much as you need to to make sure that you stay safe and sound in the knowledge that you can achieve your goal. You are worthy of it. And as much as the snakes want to get to you that’s how much your Angels want to help you right now. So let them.