You Need to Free yourself from Karma

Your spirit guides want you to take a break

Remember all those times when no matter how hard you try, you just couldn't seem to get your messages across? You may have been experiencing interference in your ability to communicate effectively due to your karma or past actions.

Karma is a spiritual concept that has its roots in ancient Indian philosophy and religion. It refers to the idea that every action a person takes has a consequence that will either benefit or harm them in the future. In simple terms, karma can be seen as the law of cause and effect, where every cause results in an effect that is in proportion to the original cause.

When it comes to communication, karma can have a significant impact on a person's ability to express themselves clearly and effectively. This is because the throat chakra, which governs communication and self-expression, is closely tied to a person's karmic energy.

If a person has accumulated negative karma in their past, it can manifest as a blockage in their throat chakra, leading to difficulty in expressing themselves and communicating effectively. This may manifest as stuttering, speaking in a soft or low voice, or even losing their ability to speak altogether.

On the other hand, if a person has accumulated positive karma, it can lead to a clear and open throat chakra, allowing them to communicate their thoughts and feelings with ease.

It is important to note that karma is not a punishment or reward system, but rather a natural law that governs the universe. While it may seem unfair or unjust at times, it is simply a reflection of the choices and actions we make in our lives.

So, if you're having trouble sending texts on your phone, it may be time to examine your past actions and see if they are affecting your ability to communicate in the present moment. Here are some possible ways your karma or past actions could be causing interference:

Negative energy blocking your throat chakra

If you've been holding onto negative emotions like guilt, shame, or anger, they can create blockages in your throat chakra, making it difficult for you to communicate effectively. When you have a blocked throat chakra, you might find yourself struggling to express your thoughts and feelings, leading to miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Karmic debts affecting your communication

In spiritual beliefs, karmic debts refer to the consequences of past actions that still need to be resolved. These debts can create energetic imbalances that affect your ability to communicate. For example, if you have a karmic debt related to dishonesty, you may find it difficult to communicate truthfully and authentically.

Past life traumas affecting your present communication

Some spiritual beliefs suggest that past life traumas can leave energetic imprints that carry over into your current life. If you have experienced trauma related to communication in a past life, it could be affecting your ability to communicate effectively in this life.

Lack of alignment with your higher self

If you're not living in alignment with your highest self or purpose, it can create energetic blocks that affect all areas of your life, including communication. When you're not in alignment with your true self, it can be difficult to express yourself authentically and clearly.

How can you unblock your karma and improve your ability to communicate effectively?

Here are some tips:

Practice forgiveness and release negative emotions

Forgiving yourself and others for past actions can help release negative emotions that may be blocking your throat chakra. You can also try practices like journaling, meditation, or energy healing to release these emotions and open your communication channels.

Focus on communication rooted in honesty and authenticity

If you have karmic debts related to communication, make a conscious effort to communicate truthfully and authentically in all areas of your life. This can help balance out any energetic imbalances related to dishonesty or deceit.

Explore past life healing

If you suspect that past life traumas are affecting your ability to communicate, consider exploring past life healing techniques like regression therapy or energy healing to release these imprints and improve your present communication.

Connect with your higher self and live in alignment with your purpose

When you're living in alignment with your highest self and purpose, it can help remove energetic blocks that may be affecting your communication. Consider practices like meditation, visualization, or working with a spiritual coach to help you connect with your true self and live in alignment with your purpose.