Angel Number 115 - Stop the Toxic Life Choices

The Angel Number 115 is a combination of Angel Number 11 and Angel Number 5. That means this Angel Number is all about listening to the thoughts and ideas your Angels are sending you to make better life choices and bring you closer to your prayers being answered.

Your Angels are sending a lot of new thoughts and ideas to you right now. But they can see that you’re not taking your intuition very seriously right now and it’s affecting their ability to bring you closer to your prayers being answered. Do you have a lucky number? If so, learn how to use the power of number 115 to bring closer the life you've always wanted..

You’re very spiritually activated during this phase of your life. That means your Angels can communicate with you very clearly. And they’re doing just that. They’re talking to you through your thoughts and ideas. But you aren’t always listening. You still think you know better than they do and it’s ruining your chances of living an abundant life.

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Right now you need to focus on listening to your intuition a bit more and listening to your toxic feelings a bit less. You’re getting caught up in your past a bit too much and it’s taking away your hope for the future. And as hope fades so does our ability to make healthy life choices that lead us closer to our Divine Purpose and all our prayers being answered.

You’ve been making quite a few mistakes over the last while. But luckily your Angels are stepping in. They’re sending new thoughts and ideas your way. The thing is, you need to learn to listen to those thoughts and ideas if you want to make the most out of this next phase of your life.

You’re in the middle of a very difficult time that we all need to face. It’s a time where we need to let go of our toxic past and move forward with hope in our hearts. You’re older and wiser now. You need to start acting that way if you want your Angels to help you manifest all your prayers.

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Your Angels want to help you step onto a better road. The life path you’re busy following is taking you further and further away from fulfilling your Divine Purpose. They want to answer all your prayers and help you find a life filled with abundance and joy. But to get to that you need to listen to the thoughts and ideas they’re sending your way.

Our Angels speak to us through our intuition. This is what guides us along the path of life and towards all our dreams coming true. But at the moment you’re still listening to the little voice in you that’s speaking from a place of fear. That’s why you’ve been making the wrong life choices.

Your Angels want to help you back onto the path that leads you to abundance and joy. So it’s very important to start listening to the positive thoughts and ideas they’re planting in your head right now. The more we listen to those positive guiding thoughts from our Angels the easier it becomes to make life choices that lead us to fulfilling our Divine Purpose and unlocking all the gifts our Angels want to bring into our lives.

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Overall your Angels want you to know that they are trying to guide you. They are sending you positive thoughts and ideas to help you back onto the path that leads you to your prayers being answered. But you aren’t listening to them. Instead you’re listening to the toxic trauma voice that’s based in fear.

The more we listen to the little fear voice inside us the more we make mistakes and stray further from our Divine Purpose. You need to make sure that the thoughts and ideas you’re acting on are based in love and light. You need to act on hope instead of on fear. Because it’s that fear that’s been leading you astray.

During this phase of your life you’re learning to trust your intuition more. The lesson we all need to learn during this period is to lean into the discomfort we might be feeling and to do the right thing anyway. We need to learn to trust our intuition and trust that our Angels have our best interests at heart. So make sure you start listening to them instead of listening to your toxic trauma voice that’s making life more difficult than it needs to be.