Angel Number 139 - Miracles Pour Into Your Life

The Angel Number 139 is a combination of Angel Number 1, Angel Number 3 and Angel Number 9. That means this Angel Number is all about miracles pouring into your life as you expand and ascend to a higher level of consciousness and connection to your Angels. What is the spiritual meaning of lucky numbers? Learn how to use this number in your life today. It's all about trust and faith as you create a brilliant new future by following Divine Purpose.

You’re very lucky right now. Anything you put your mind to will manifest right in front of your eyes. That’s the beauty of this miraculous phase of your life. You have a lot of spiritual power to make anything happen that you pray for on a regular basis. You have a direct line to your Angels and they’re answering every prayer.

But you need to make sure that you’re praying for the right things. If you’re praying for people like your loved ones you need to make sure that what you’re praying is what they want for their own lives. Not just what you think their lives should be like. You can’t use this power to manifest better things in life to take control of others’ lives.

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What you Should Focus on

Right now you need to focus on making the right miracles happen. You have a lot of spiritual power and the direct line you have with your Angels is allowing you to make a lot of changes for the better in your own life as well as the lives of others. So make sure you pray for what’s best for everyone.

You need to have some control over your own power. You have a lot of it. You can change things for a lot of people. But you need to make sure that it’s what they want, and not just what you think they want. Part of your Divine Purpose right now is to help others achieve their own goals and use your ability to manifest miracles to help them improve their lives.

But it’s not just about other people. This phase of your life is also about focusing on your own happiness and abundance. You have a right to a better life. So feel free to ask your Angels to help you achieve any dreams or goals you’ve been waiting for. All those miracles can come to life right now. So don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want.

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What your Angels are Helping you with

Your Angels are helping you to create a better world for yourself and others. Your words are very powerful right now. Anything you think and say will come true during this phase of your life. All the good things you wish for yourself and others will manifest at a miraculous speed because you’ve ascended to a new spiritual height where you have direct access to your Angels.

You need to follow your intuition now. It’s going to take you to places you never imagined. Your life is expanding in every area. From your relationships to your bank account. Things are just getting better and better for you right now. So make sure that you stay positive and keep praying for things that will make life better for everyone.

Because you’re so connected to your Angels right now you’ve also become a mouthpiece for them. When this happens you have a duty to make life better for the people in your life too. You’re great at giving all kinds of advice right now and people really believe in what you tell them. So use your words wisely.

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The Overall Message

Overall you’re in one of the best phases of your life right now. Things are taking a turn for the better and nothing is going to stop miracles from manifesting all around you. Whether you’re speaking good into your own life or the lives of others, your Angels are listening to every word you say and think.

Your prayers are especially powerful right now. You’ve ascended to a new spiritual level so you are very close to your Angels right now. The more you communicate with them the more miracles they will manifest into your life. It’s also easy for you to spot the signs and messages they’re leaving for you right now. So make sure you follow your intuition whenever you feel them communicating with you.

The only thing you need to be aware of right now is that with great power comes great responsibility. You need to make sure that the things you speak about and pray about are for the best for everyone. Being selfish right now is not an option. You need to think about others as much as you think about yourself and ask your Angels to help others in the way that they need, not the way that you think they need.